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Archive for November, 2010

Block Paving

Posted on November 30th, 2010 by johns-admin-dw  |  Comments Off on Block Paving

Let it snow let it snow let it snow here just brickwork we started a new job on Monday for a new client to client requested us to kindly supply them in writing and estimate for their request of 100 m² block paving to which we did.

We supplyed a client a complete breakdown. To finish off their works that they requested from us along with a basic draft contract their approval.WE started works as for this Monday and we started a new excavation site we place a three tonne  machinery with a hydraulic braking machine to break up the large concrete that is already there are then existing driveway we estimate the concrete to be in excess of 7 inches deep or approximately 160 mm, she made light work with these hydraulic braking point. The 360° machine to a place to the job is a JCB which is currently owned by joint brickwork Ltd on the first day of the works we removed approximately 30 t of mixed soil and aggregate to which was removed by her local contractor contractor that we called in for this project has a eight wheeled Lorry with a mechanical grab.

The grab vehicle approached our job and pulled alongside the mechanical arm is in operated by hydraulic levers to the outside of the vehicle the arm is an extended and the backing they reaches over to the pile of debris the debris is picked up by the machine and then placed into the rear of the empty lorry  every  lorry can carry around 17 to 20 t fully loaded.

The vehicle is entered into a local waste disposal sites that is run by the local borough council upon tipping the heavy load the drive everything given a certificate by the council to prove that the waste is disposed of according to all health and safety regulations and this of course safeguards any comeback if they were to fly tipping they have the necessary documentation to prove it there is disposed of according the but most of all safely.

To be carried on working throughout the snow on Monday, made good progress in this liability by progress we came across the utilities i.e. the gas mains water mains and electrical mains. We carefully carried on excavating and grading the area around with the machine this machine is capable of moving a lot of soil with a minimum amount of effort due to the size of the ditching bucket that is attached to the end of the arm this bucket is approximately 4 feet across the width and 300 mm in size. Sometimes you say so mechanical diggers working alongside if you look carefully at the machines bucket sometimes there are large round holes in them this is I release a water.

On some particular buckets they have large teeth extend over 4 to 5 inches in depth these are called greedy teeth and due to their name they turn into hard ground with ease. We are specialist contractors in a specialised industry we are based in Essex and we carry out works in all surrounding areas including Southend-on-Sea thank you her taking the time to read this blog entry there will always be more to come if anyone can john cann


Posted on November 27th, 2010 by johns-admin-dw  |  Comments Off on CONSERVATORY PRICES

Here at johns brickwork ltd we priced for a large conservatory for a client in southend on sea Essex .We gave them our free advice and no how.After looking at where the client wanted the conservatory place we felf that it was far to near the next door extension and this would of coursed encroachment .

After some thought the client agreed and we offered a different type of base called a raft with a toe to the out side perimeter .We shall await their answer and hope that they come on board with us .We are Essex builders .

Its on the way

Posted on November 21st, 2010 by johns-admin-dw  |  Comments Off on Its on the way

There is approximately 40 days left to the festive season to begin I hope and trust that next year brings more prosperity to our company Johns brickwork… Southend-on-Sea Essex we are pleased to have survived this year due to economic recession of the country. I have found in recent times that there has been a decline in calls from potential clients that would have come on board to have worked carried out to the house is which may have been lost extension house extension double glazing porch garage conversion,

we have made and set out plans for the following year and we have invested heavily on the Internet this would be the way forward for builders in years to come unfortunately we have looked into this some time ago and invested in this website which is ranked number one in Google Essex builders we have a sister company Essex conservatories which is a subsidiary to a larger company.

We are very happy with our new Website that has been Designed, build and promoted by our very good friends at Essex Website Design Company Delicious Webdesign.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our past customers for giving us the opportunity to carry out the works and projects and wish them all a happy Christmas and a prosperous New Year.

We are in the process of buying more plant materials to our stock list which is compiling very high now we are respected builders in our area and known far highly visible vehicles that everyone can see. Thank you for taking time to make this particular blog should you have any questions you may always contact me as I’m available seven days a week from 8 AM to 10 PM we are specialised contractors in a specialised industry.

Bathroom installation Rochford

Posted on November 21st, 2010 by johns-admin-dw  |  Comments Off on Bathroom installation Rochford

Hello and welcome to my  blog as you say in this picture that have recently carried out installation of a new toilet and basin and shower cubicle. This particular client requested a particular named bathroom suit to be fitted in the old toilet.As as you can space  we had to work with was very tight but we managed to fit everything in with a little bit of manoeuvrability everything went on as planned.

At first the we completely removed the old bathroom  toilet and handbasin was there we place the old toilet system in the skip once everything was removed with and set about putting the correct services ie the water mains and necessary wastes pipes.

When everything was in the correct position we started the installation of handbasin and the shower cubicle to the left-hand side picture when everything was corrected squared off we then removed everything and started tiled floor as you say the colour contrast blends  very well with this particular project when the floor tiling was completed within the room we then reinstalled the appliances.The reason for this was so that it would be nice even tiles on the floor and eliminating any cuts to be shown around the toilet cistern.

When the system was reinstalled without carried out the wall tiling from floor to ceiling I think you’ll agree that the job looks fantastic car is fully happy with our works this particular project was carried out in Rochford Essex we are Essex builders local est friendly company that listens to what our clients meets but mostly important we deliver on time and on budget to all our clients.

We purchased bathroom suite from our local suppliers that are also based in Essex thank you had taken the time to read this blog entry should you have any questions relating to this blog please don’t hesitate to contact us on the above contact numbers that are available or you may of course e-mail us from our website

Steel beams installation

Posted on November 16th, 2010 by johns-admin-dw  |  Comments Off on Steel beams installation

In this picture you can clearly see two steel beams that we are installing at a large double story extension in Southend-on-Sea Essex. These very heavy duty beams take all the weight from the external brickwork and internal block work prior before installation of the still beams out structural engineer at work out the calculations and stress loads that will be placed upon them these beams weighing in excess of two tonnes.

We have to have special gift equipment erected outside the carryout the installation of this to the health and safety regulations these beams have to have a bearing of 150 mm taking each and they have to sit on concrete pad stones . These are made out of high dense concrete that will withstand the normal pressure bearing down on them. All works was inspected and approved by the local building Inspector and building control regulations. When the beams were correctly stated we placed a level over them to make sure that they were running level a coat of red oxide paint was applied this would benefit them from any surface rust that may become apparent once they are concealed inside.  quite a costly factor of any building but imperative for this job: as there was no other available materials to take away load.In the old days when the houses were built back in the early 1920s and 30s is quite possible that these would have been substituted for two wooden trimmers bolted together we have in the past come across this. We are specialised contractor and a specialised industry jobs brickwork Ltd Essex builders.

Southend on sea

Posted on November 14th, 2010 by johns-admin-dw  |  Comments Off on Southend on sea

Welcome back to Jones brickwork blog some very interesting major works are being carried out in Southend-on-Sea lets start with the all the improvements at the airport . Works carried out the airport are to extend a number of runways this is to cater for longer journeys and further destinations will be reached due to these works along with the construction of the new look at tower absolutely fantastic modern attractive design of course this will replace the old one was built to the airport for new.

Part of the works consists of a new railway station there this present time in moment as we speak is under construction platforms already installed a new signals along the line this of course will stop the new railway station to Southend-on-Sea April works are carried out will benefit the local surrounding community is a long time coming the rejuvenation of the airport hopefully in time local residents will see the benefits of this.

We also have under my major works being carried out to local arterial roads leading into Southend-on-Sea this is busy introduction of wider lanes and safety cameras and traffic lights all the works are being carried out these into the no Southend-on-Sea shopping centres the old underground bus station has now become redundant is a service drop for delivery drivers to local stores above Main Street high-street repairs are still being carried out-these will be completed and finished proper for this Christmas.

The introduction of the new swimming pool is very near completion and will benefit all of us in the town and sourounding area

Building terms

Posted on November 13th, 2010 by johns-admin-dw  |  Comments Off on Building terms


welcome back to the blog today think is important that we learn builders terms for clients sometimes builders languages he sometimes gobbledygook while should do today to help you is to list up to 50 builders terms that the use this will cover basically the complete outline of words that we use .

1 architraves these generally timber months ago about the outside circumferences of all internal doors on the door liners.

2 British standards which used to initials for this BS this is usually general sign of quality assurance i.e. the product has been tried and tested

barge boards these are usually placed high up on either front or back brick gables to the building

4 Blinding this is normallythis is normally to do with soft sand that is placed in an area proper for installation of a damp proof course.

block beam these are structurally calculated load-bearing beings placed on sleeping walls

6 boxing as the word dictates boxing in  heating pipes cables and sewer connections

7 building control this is a local government body that may sometimes insist on additional works to be carried out as they say fit

8 ceiling ties these are sometimes known as knocking is an pasted between the events of ceiling beams or known as joists once these are in place it will strengthen the ceiling.

9 celotex this is an installation board that can be used in walls and ceilings and floors I has a very good insulation value that complies tall building regulations.

10 contingency figures this is usually on projects where a price would not be worked out at the time of the works we would call this additional works due to limited survey or access.

11 Clay board this is a bold that is fitted to the inside of the structural foundation it eliminates pushing of foundation that would be caused by the swelling of Clay.

12 coving plaster mouldings installed to the ceiling and surrounding walls.

13 dpc this is another word for your damp proof course that is fitted to the lower section of your house dwelling or building.

14 dpm this is a under floor layer

15 Eaves this generally is called the overhang of the house cables

16 fascias these can either be made out of plastic or generally in most cases timber these are fitted at the end rafters fixed on with screws.

17 floor slab generally made of concrete on the ground floor

18 foul drainage waste drainage sua drainage from barfs and sinks

19 furfix profiles these are generally made at a standstill galvanised metal bail attached to the house wall by drilling and inserting large bolts to them to receive the new brickwork from the extension or development.

20 glue lam beam this is a timber blame that would normally supplied to carry loads it is constructed from many pieces of wood bonded together the purpose it is constructed this while is there will be a less chance that the timber in time will twist  as the woodgrainwould not be going all the same way.

21 mu wethis you use the term for the thickness of polythene the polythene can range from 500 to 1200 gauge there are many types of polythene there are specific types of polythene that fire retardant.

22 hard-core this would be nobly delivered and consists of broken bricks and waste.

23 outer leaf these are external walls to the to the building with a cavity filled insulation.

24 oversight sometimes more sometimes large is the structure formed on the ground floor prior before installation.

25 pad stone these are very high dense concrete block that could be used for a steel beam to sit on.

26 PC sums this would be a sum of money set aside for project that may be used kitchen further works or contingencies generally set out in the bill of works.

27 rafters these timbers are formed in the roof that give the sloping area of the roof.

28 render this is a finished product made at a sand and cement waterproof you would generally find this on the outside of buildings.

29 roof vents this is a form of ventilation is installed on the roof to let it brave.

30 wall plate this is generally found at the top of the building in most cases on the inside on the block work this is connected to the roof rafters/

I do hope that you found the above information of help to you obviously as time goes by more more new words will be introduced in the construction industry but above is a brief summary of words that we use on a daily basis between architects and structural engineers and surveyors the above information was supplied by Jones brickwork Ltd of Southend-on-Sea six

Essex builders thank you for for taking the time of reading this entry back soon

Garden Decking

Posted on November 12th, 2010 by johns-admin-dw  |  Comments Off on Garden Decking

We would like to give you some good guidelines as to how you can improve the outside in your garden with a minimal cost we below we will show you and give you some information on our products that we supply to our customers

1  technical information, product range

2 related products

3 timber products

As you are aware there are many garden products via the Internet and can be very easily sold at your local builders merchants but today we are just going to run through a brief summary of what John brickwork has been using in the last two years i.e. their products.

One of the products we use the decking is called the Cambridge the deck bold is both elegant design and appearance is proven and tested and conformed civil British standard client marks and is annexing products in any garden.

The next one which uses could Canterbury slightly thicker and chunkier and appearance this deck bold has smooth grooves to one side stop

The Winchester is a hardwood finish that we also use John brickwork Ltd Essex builders have an appropriate file to improve your grip in wet and moist conditions the cost of this hardwood is obsolete more extreme than the softwood both fully treated for outside whether along with this it will circle. All building regulations and comes with a 10 year warranty guarantee.

The york can also be cruised to one side and move on the upper voiced areas is a multipurpose board but the thickest down the whole range. Along with this we have a sure grip effectively has stripped of long likes sand paper edges running the full length the bold officer the benefits of this issue to God be wet moister slippery gimmicky extra grip in  moist conditions.

Odyssey to complement the decking we can introduce various types of balustrades that we we also supply and fit row way sleepless these are 2400 mm long 245 mm x 120 mm these are all solid and made out of oak.

No garden will be complete without having some fantastic planters to create them soft curved lush edges we act as brickwork Ltd create anything from contemporary style garden backed shareholding with classic English country garden of coastal if products are fully tantalised to withstand all the elements of British seasons. We can create you a fantastic sand trap along with a safe environment for the children to play not forgetting a classic outdoor dining area for those fantastic barbecue evenings. Our products are better looking along with a smoother finish we also work towards environmental assurances as well this would be saving time and effort along giving you total extra protection and peace of mind all the products are independently quality assessed for Paul formance related products.

When planning to do a decking here are 10 top tips at all cuttings and notches to the timber components you must protect it with suitable end crying treatment

All decking boards should be correctly laid on a dry surface and the gaps must be a constant 6 mm this is to allow for apparent shrinkage.

Upon arrival of your delivery is advisable to loosely lie out the timber boards you be working on and allow them to acclimatise to the outside temperatures

when cutting the tops of the supporting posts it is imperative that you cut at a slight angle to aid water run-off.

when fixing the bulge down try to always buy stainless steel screws and To sing them for a secure fixing.

of course it goes without saying it makes sense to treat pre-drill all your holes this obviously stopped any splitting of the timber.

if you need to attach any wall plates  to the house wall it is advisable to leave a 10 mm Paca behind this this will aid ventilation.

answer your concrete posts are installed or timber posts therefore the top of the concrete around the edges this will aid water run-off

is important factor to consider the length of the screws is usually 2 1/2 times the thickness of your board

you would benefit from a weed suppressant placed on the ground cover and a backfield over with pea shingle.

We hope that the above is of interest to you and helps you along your road for maintaining your garden in appearance a lot of clients have asked us in e-mails to cost the average patio area of 4 m x 4 mdue to ground conditions and access ability for works each job does change is criteria for pricing.we would say if he was to allow £100 per square metre supplied fitted this would give you a good ballpark figure to work from.

Cement Mixing

Posted on November 10th, 2010 by johns-admin-dw  |  Comments Off on Cement Mixing

Hi  there are welcome back to the blog how are you today as we all know the weather  was absolutely fantastic today but who knows what’s installed for tomorrow even the weathermen get it wrong. In today’s edition of the blog I would like to explain to you how we mix cement and what ratio and what types cement clearly works better in some environments than others.

let’s start with the sand that not many types of sand the first signs we will talk about his pit sand pit sand is a fine sand that comes from certain quarries in our country further up north in Wales and is transported down by large transport rise to the local building supplies in a region where it is pit sand is quite useful it can be used for Brick work and other associated works in that trad

once you set up the cement mixer and connected to electricity supplier you live fill the cement mixer up partially with water in with the water he would mixer negative this would make the cement and sent more pliable and easier to use this for arguments sake we are going to build a while we would use six parts sand to 1 part cement that would mean a ratio of 6 to 1 we withdrew six buckets of sand up to everyone buckets cement that is how we get the ratio and then we replaced the sand and cement in the mixer and that the drum mix. As the cement mixer is mixing with a closer look at the consistency of it in the drum is important to get it right otherwise it is too wet is to running  or to stiffer too hard but would be to use itfor the purpose of Lisbon to use it for honestly builders make this look easy when they carried out this task due to the fact that had many many years of experience to get the correct consistency of the mix.

When the mix is in the drummer cement mixer and turning over as every rotation of the cement mixer turns it creates here within the mix this creates the product become more pliable for its use if you were to leave it in the drum too long it would basically go to water which would be no good for anyone once the correct consistency is achieved in the cement mixer is lifted up and the contents of the mix is poured into a container which will be placed into a bucket onto the labourers shoulder carried up to the bricklayers working on the scaffolding the bricklayers would pick it up from their spot boards and carrier land the bed joints and on the line of the land bricks.

the next sand that I would like to talk to you is called Sharp Sand this is quite a coarse sand with small part of gritting it the Sharp Sand will produce the things like screeching floors rendering plastering making good oversights is a handy sound and very versatile and covers most aspects of the building industry for repairs locally purchased from your building supplier A one tonnes of sand would cost around £50 from your local building supplier in Essex obviously they would deliver this free of charge which is always handy it would arrive in a special bag there was neither heavy canvas in this bag with her for handles stitched the bag for transportation along time ago is to get credits back on the bags but this is unheard of now due to health and safety regulations.

The next type of sand that I would like to talk about is called ballast ballast is a mixture of all the other signs and includes small aggregate as well he aggregate would be around 10 mm to 20 mm in sizes the aggregate in the backward ballast would be useful all types of concreting including ground  footings raft footings underpinning, pathways patio laying is a completely versatile material that is used throughout the industry in or building companies such as John’s brickwork Ltd of Southend-on-Sea Essex we are Essex builders specialised contractors in a specialised industry I hope you enjoyed this summary and hope that you can take something away from this small blog  about building materials.

We will keep you updated on all our recent projects via picture and blog and inches to a website www all that remains now to say good evening have a nice weekend and if anyone can John can order best until the next block over and out

Basildon Conservatory

Posted on November 10th, 2010 by johns-admin-dw  |  Comments Off on Basildon Conservatory

 this conservatory was supplied and installed by Johns brickwork Ltd of Southend-on-Sea Essex as you can clearly from the picture the conservatory has three angles and to it these are called facets this conservatory is striking in appearance and usability if you take a close look at the brickwork you will see that we have had handmade bricks to take this round the angle of the conservatory these bricks are called squints and the angle is called 135° they are quite costly but do the conservatory proud in appearance the conservatory footing is approximately 1 m deep so she stands a good solid foundation This is a critical part of the job from the start of the project.

If you look closley you will be able to see that the servatory has a glass roof the major benfit of this roof is that it is self cleaning




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