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Archive for August, 2012

Essex double glazing repairs

Posted on August 30th, 2012 by johns-admin-dw  |  Comments Off on Essex double glazing repairs

From time to time thing go wrong with your double glazing in your home to which you had installed some time ago ,When this happens and you then find the company what you used for your installation is no longer around what option have you left to use.

Well here at johns brickwork we have years of experience in this type of work this inc  repairing all types of windows and doors that are made out of PVC this inc the replacement of the glazing units as well

We offer a cost affected solution to all you double glazing repairs in Essex along with a seven day service for this type of work we are able to accommodate any time schedule that meets your need contact as on the above numbers to receive your free estimate from us

broken double glazing

Essex double glazing suppliers

Posted on August 29th, 2012 by johns-admin-dw  |  Comments Off on Essex double glazing suppliers

here at Johns brickwork to give you a brief introduction . There is a lot of research that we have been doing that we would like to clearly show you as to how your double glazed windows are made. We have made and compiled some videos for you to see acts certain stages of the field of double glazed windows. This is the side of the construction industry that very rarely clients get to see first-hand in this particular video clearly marked by the link is how your Windows our are completely fusion welded within the factory

briefly shortly. We shall show you how the machine welds the corners of your Windows this is prior before it is all my to jointed at the correct angle Windows being welded


Essex double glazing installers

Posted on August 29th, 2012 by johns-admin-dw  |  Comments Off on Essex double glazing installers

searching for the double glazing installed in Essex can be quite daunting task. To make matters worse the Internet opens up a tidal wave of companies offering their services building double glazing for potential clients searching for a local installer

here at Johns brickwork. We believe we can offer you a fantastic range of perfectly handmade bespoke Windows will meet and exceed all of your needs. All of our Windows are made of the highest quality PVC  that have been fully accredited and awarded the British standard kite Mark this: this is been supplied is your reassurance that the quality is fit for the purpose of use

we believe that we are able to offer you a fantastic product, along with very keen prices. The service that you be hard pushed to find in fact, we believe you will find another company offering the same product at the same price

it is only within recent months that we have ventured to supply and fit quality double glazing for our customers ordinarily we are builders are we have been receiving calls from various clients asking us if you with supply them with a cost-effective solution for all of they’ll double glazing needs

our website as you see is quite extensive. Please at your leisure browse through the website as is packed with very useful information about double glazing installers

Essex double glazing

Posted on August 27th, 2012 by johns-admin-dw  |  Comments Off on Essex double glazing

welcome to this beautiful mind a bank holiday in recent months  we have been receiving volumes of calls regarding if we are a service provider of double glazing. We have been supplying and fitting double glazing to residents of the Essex area for a period of five years now. I suppose really is quite obvious that builders have been around for longer than double glazing companies, but with the amalgamation of trades within the last 20 to 30 years is a forward motion that double glazing will become a separate entity from start to finish

but here at Johns brickwork. We have been supplying beautiful, luxury, and affordable beautiful double glazed windows and doors that are made of the highest quality. It is a German profile that is firmly est. It even makes garden hosepipes and aeroplane windowsills that protect you from the outside elements

all of our Windows and doors are fully functional are made with full stainless steel working moving parts. So therefore you can rest assured knowing that you’re not buying a product is made out of Mark steel all of our Windows and doors are fully reinforced and we provide you with the highest locking devices are available in this particular climate

the range of styles of Windows and doors is totally endless. There are many different types of styles and there are certainly a wide variety of choice of colours to choose from. Some we can even matchup with your existing colour of double glazed windows that you have had fitted by service provider that may be is out of action

we provide partial free advice and we always supply you with a written quotation on the evening of presentation fundamentally we are building company so please don’t expect us to stay long as inevitably you may have heard through recent press coverage. There are some major double glazing companies that do stay there over welcome time

you can rest assured that we will supply you with our best possible price and leave you with your choice of double glazing supplier all of our products come with a manufactures 10 year warranty and will be passed off by the appropriate bodies. Once installation has been carried out in completed

we offer certain discounts for old-age pensioners that resides in the area of Essex and are sourcing a company to supply them with a free quotation for their double glazing needs. You can contact us a leisure as we are open from Monday to Sunday, up until 10 PM, including bank holidays like to today. We hope that you have found our entry within our blog for Essex double glazing of interest to you and please contact us as we have said at your leisure take a look at the factory in work by clicking on the link

builders in shoeburyness

Posted on August 6th, 2012 by johns-admin-dw  |  Comments Off on builders in shoeburyness

welcome to the construction industry. If you are searching for builder to carry out your approved plans your home extension then why not contact me today as I specialising type building and construction works. We deliver find quality of work at realistic costs then confess to being the cheapest company but there again quality does oversee the cost of cheapness

we always supply notification free quotation is carried out there in see you can be assured that five-time believe the property you give you your price for you home  extension or conservatory that is you will be hard press to find any construction company that will be able to deliver you. This type of free service that is available on a seven-day roadster

we believe we can make your dreams come true. So why not contact us today to make appointment for it come round to supply you with our free estimate service also please kindly take a look at our website. Not only has it useful information about the construction and building industry. It will also give you a complete site of the type of work that we are more than confident to carry ouy

we do hope that you have found our entry for builders in Shoeburyness of interest to you and we thank you& fast introduce ourselves to you as well

Shoeburyness builder

Posted on August 6th, 2012 by johns-admin-dw  |  Comments Off on Shoeburyness builder

if the time has arrived to our social free estimates for your building and construction and why not contact us today as we are firmly est within the area of Shoeburyness Essex. We are timeserver builders that deliver high results sensible costs. We offer free partial friendly advice and a service that is second to none

we would like to offer our services to residents that live in the area of Shoeburyness that are searching for a builder’s the make their dreams reality country. We offer complete notification free of charge fast amount estimates your building needs along with a fantastic website that is packed full of construction News related of our industry

we operate every day, every week every month receive your call. We may contact me directly on 07859012042

Canvey Island builders

Posted on August 6th, 2012 by johns-admin-dw  |  Comments Off on Canvey Island builders

are you in need of a reliable. That is fully experience within the construction industry the building home extensions, then look no further as the fully experienced builder’s that have a wealth of experience within this specialised industry. We can see you can offer you a seven-day service at a fast turnaround for your free no obligation quotation

. We are specialist builders that have a wealth of experience at building new homes, loft conversions, home extensions, luxury and affordable conservatories. We believe that we possibly have the this website full of free information about the construction industry materials are used. Please take the opportunity to see our website

so in essence the quality builders at sensible and realistic prices that deliver high-end results that you are searching for as we believe you can apply standards. Please contact us at your leisure. Should you need a free estimate for any of your building works to be carried out in the not too new distant future

Canvey Island builder

Posted on August 6th, 2012 by johns-admin-dw  |  Comments Off on Canvey Island builder

It’s  difficult for you and we appreciate that you to the introduction of the Internet and the World Wide Web the amount of resources available you’re searching for a builder’s is  unlimited here at Johns brickwork. We have a different type of approach from you prospective clients. We make a convenient appointment when it actually suits yourself and your  partner. This could the entire from Monday to Sunday, up until 10 PM

we are experts builders and we supply dream conservatory is a fantastic and realistic prices. Our website is packed information about the building and construction industry to which we would like to offer all residents that live resides in the area of Canvey  the island Essex

with a wealth of experience and free knowledge to offer. We would welcome the opportunity for sure domestic and commercial build. This may be anything from a simple  flat roof home extension to a desirable detached house we will make your dreams come true. We deliver high quality and results for realistic prices

we will work with you at each relevant stage of the field and clearly explained you exactly will happen stage stage. This is possible due to the fact that the use the latest computer software technology available on the market which enhances and shows you at each stage exactly where every pounds your spending on the build

this service is totally free of charge and can be conducted in the comfort of your own front living room. It normally takes approximately one hour from start the feedback we have back from potential clients

is amazingserve you’re searching for a builder to supply you cost-effective estimate and you resides in the area of Canvey Island then why not contact us at your leisure as it always a pleasure to receive your call last reading today’s entry in this blog why not take the opportunity to view some pictures of work we have carried out recently within the area of Canvey Island. We hope you found this entry of interest to you and our services as well. We look forward to receiving your call in the not too new distant future

we are quality builders for Canvey Island

local builder southend

Posted on August 5th, 2012 by johns-admin-dw  |  Comments Off on local builder southend

welcome to our company. We are a small but firmly est building company within the area of Southend-on-Sea, Essex, and if you’re searching for a local builder within the Southend area. The new come to the right company as we provide free estimates at sensible realistic and understandable prices. We have a wealth of experience within the building and construction industry and we are more than capable of carried out many projects from home extensions loft conversions and with recent call for introduction of conservatories as well


your local Southend-on-Sea builder


we are available to be contacted from Monday to Sunday and all calls are answered, up until 10 PM every evening, including Sundays as well. So if you had your local plans past and approved by your local building authority and you wish to source a free estimates, local Southend-on-Sea builder then why not contact myself today as it read my utmost pleasure to help you along this path. I will provide you this, friendly free advice along with sensible realistic costs for all of your building needs

please check out my website as I believe I have the largest portfolio website within the south-east of England for anyone looking for a local builder in Southend so you can rest assured that your deliver company that is fully accredited and experienced in all aspects of the building industry. I hope to receive your phone call and look forward to meet you in person about all of your building and construction needs. Thank you for taking the time for reading this entry in today’s blog

Southend-on-Sea builder

your local Southend-on-Sea builder

Southend on sea Builder

Posted on August 5th, 2012 by johns-admin-dw  |  Comments Off on Southend on sea Builder

Southend-on-Sea builders

if you are constantly searching for a local builder the trades within the area of Southend-on-Sea, Essex for your future projects of your home improvements then why not contact us today as we have firmly est within the area of Essex and predominantly and fundamentally est via the Internet through Google for Essex builder’s

Jons brickwork is a firmly est company that carries out all types of building and construction work you will be hard pushed to search the company that can deliver you high-end arrange product results for affordable realistic, costs

we do know fundamentally that the Internet supplies all prospective clients the vast range of builders offering their services the likelihood is that you have found this article due to the fact that we are highly accredited and looked upon by Google because of our firmly est websites that covers the Southend-on-Sea area for any perspective customer searching for a builder


this picture clearly shown above is a recent building project carried out by ourselves within the area of South it is a small wrap a round single-storey extension that starts from the front door leading round to the rear garden the approximate length of the building is some 10 m the side elevation and 6 to 8 m across the back elevation the building works carried out and inspected fully by your independent local building inspector and at all relevant stages were passed off by themselves the carried out period of 12 weeks from start to finish as it was quite a lot of internal still work carried out as well picture below clearly shows you the type of work that we are more than capable of doing

as you can clearly see is a very embryo stage the field. We have to insert a large reinforced and joist to create an opening for the kitchen to flow immediately into the extension this still was calculated to take away by local structural engineer in the picture you can see a lifting apparatus which we used to this reinforced steel joist into position. Once the steel is imposition these then supported correctly by concrete pad stands these bear the weight at each end of the steals to which the weight is then distributed down through the building onto the correct footings to which the house is placed upon as you can imagine this is a crucial installation which cannot be taken lightly as all the white born on this reinforced and joist is taken from the remainder more of the house roof to which the way his point loaded all the way down


it’s important to remember that there are many build designs to incorporate with your home extension as you can see in this picture. We have clearly catered for all the needs of the family as though basic been a White Plains bathroom suite. We have catered for all the family’s needs by providing a steel bath which is enamelled along with a plain wash basin and toilet and small shower to the side. Please take a close look the rear wall to the ceiling heights and you will clearly see that we have placed an extractor fan. This family stressful moisture that builds up in the bathroom and will automatically shutdown after period of 30 seconds the 5 min. Once the moisture is expelled from the room we have placed a small the desirable window to the rear create an extra life and functional ability as well. These printers are fully double glazed and have trickle vents the top so that it meets and falls with all building regulations. I think you’ll agree. There is a smart presentable usable downstairs toilets creatively designed by our company to incorporate all the needs the family but within budget


the roof construction is very, very important and the guidelines set down by the building control requires a minimum amount of installation to conformable building regulations the special roofing installation that we used to be a minimum of 130 mm thick. This is called a warm deck roofing system and we can Inc for skylight windows to letting extra life from the roof. These are specific roof vents, Windows that are specially designed to sit at an angle of 15° these were handmade by ourselves to incorporate the new Velux  window that will be installed by ourselves


as you can clearly see from this picture. This is the very early embryo stage the construction of the roof prior before any installation was carried out for the introduction and averages made for this roof to receive the Windows in the ceiling older timbers are structured calculated in this particular timbers measure 160 mm x 50 mm in thickness and the silver hangers that you can see clearly joining timber timber are called Jiffy hangers this Jiffy hangers are connected to the timber using a special type of now. These are called wire twists as they going to the timber they twist round making even better connection from the plates to the timber the roof plate as you can see on the building is connected by and bolts. These are drilled into the house building and filled up with an epoxy resin and then the actual pulse of pushed in this particular type of resin sets in. In seconds so the operation of these bulbs to be installed must be carried out swiftly


this picture clearly shows and out lies, the major work involved within this particular project within Southend-on-Sea, Essex from the inside. This is the existing kitchen. The picture you can see that we have started to make the aperture to receive the reinforced steel joist to which once is firmly installed and passed off by the building inspector. We can then remove the inside wall from the existing kitchen into the new extension


after the installation of the roof. It is quite apparent in clear now that you can clearly see prior before felt in the finished result of the roof at this particular stage of the build. You can see the actual depth thickness of the roof by looking down the opening that is provided for the new window to be installed it is in the region of about 9 inches thick


we have reused and installed the front door to the existing property to save costs. We have ever – the front of the building trust and match the existing sideboard to the right-hand side. Once a coat of paint has been applied. I think you’ll agree is a very new match as possible the type of finish is called but at some stage in the past the building has received a coat of masonry paint to try to freshen it up

to the inside of the building in this particular picture. We are carrying out the first stage the plastering works that your classroom this particular project took a period of over two weeks complete. To finish this they can be quite messy job that you have to appreciate that this particular size of project you can help but please rest assured that every end of every day clear up all the mess that has been made

we do hope and trust that you found the relevant information and pictures provided by us your local Southend-on-Sea builder of interest and should you have any projects that you  to supply you with a free estimates. Please do not hesitate in any shape or form to contact us as it will be our absolute pleasure to provide you with this service that is totally free of charge

along with the aid of computer technology. We are more than capable of supply you and completely costing all of your building works in the comfort less of your front room you may contact us any time from Monday to Sunday and closing time is 10 PM every day believe my personal contact number is (07859) 012042 any free advice on your relevant building works it will be our pleasure to speak to you. I hope you found our brief insight to this small extension that is carried out in Southend-on-Sea, Essex of interest to you



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