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Archive for February, 2012

Kent conservatories

Posted on February 27th, 2012 by johns-admin-dw  |  Comments Off on Kent conservatories

the English, is underway an Essex builders would like to take this opportunity to introduce our fast range of luxury conservatories that we would wish to offer all residents that live in the area of Kent undoubtedly my some recent estimates into your conservatory and I spent some of them you would need a glass of water and aspirin to get out of the initial shock of the price especially if you have had any major national companies

with a different approach without any hard sell we believe we offer a unique and quite fun way of purchasing your dream conservatory for your home we will explain everything. To finish only no question unanswered as we are professionals within this industry with many years of experience we are more than able to answer any of your technical questions that you may have to hand

all products meet and exceed all the BSI and totally give you that wow factor that you’ve been looking for all the time we can even introduce fabulous by folding doors to the front of your conservatory once opened will be absolutely breathtaking these doors can even be lit electrically controlled but they are quite costly

taking into account everything for your conservatory needs we will personally the out of laptop technologies build your dream conservatory watching file to your very eyes we are able to incorporate every fine detail that that you wish us to import from the very early stages the greatest benefit of this technology is that the prospective client will be able to visually see their perfect conservatory placed on the back of their home .

This totally unique service is free of charge but it is advisable to pre-book as we are more than confident that you will be impressed by this free service you may contact us at any time at your leisure via the Internet or should you wish you may call us to make a direct appointment

all of the services offered totally free for all residents searching for a conservatory estimate so long as you live within the area or any borough of Kent

should you wish any further information on any products that we supply please take a look at our website as it is full of useful information about how conservatory is built from start to finish

need a kent conservatory estimate

call us today


Kent conservatory’ installers

Posted on February 27th, 2012 by johns-admin-dw  |  Comments Off on Kent conservatory’ installers

welcome back to a daily blog we would like to talk today about conservatory installers and about what relevant experience we can conservatory’s have with over 15 years within the double glazing industry we have become specialist installers of conservatories for all residents that live in the area of Kent you can rest assured that the installation of your conservatory will be of the highest quality and no stone will be left unturned

in normal circumstances the average size conservatory can be fitted by to competence conservatory fitters in a couple of days this would include cutting the network into your existing house to make sure that your new conservatory was fully watertight

once we have installed at conservatory’s within carry out water test by spraying the complete conservatory with a garden hose for a period of 30 min although the host will be left on a fine spry rather than a hefty jet the light of water seems to penetrate and find any possible way water can penetrate in

nine times out of 10 we successfully install your conservatory without any leaks but on your location when it becomes apparent on the water test of two things a put right immediately to make sure that you are 100% watertight

Essex builders would like to take this opportunity to offer the county of Kent its services for installing conservatory’s we believe that we offer the finest quality conservatory is available on today’s market and we are more than confident that you will be more than satisfied with the quality of finish and the reliability of our companies delivering your dream and luxurious conservatory

we do hope that the above paragraphs are of interest to you and should you be looking for a company to supply you with a free estimate then please do contact us either by e-mail or of course you can call us directly to which will be more than happy to help you with any of your needs

Kent conservatories glass roofs

Posted on February 27th, 2012 by johns-admin-dw  |  Comments Off on Kent conservatories glass roofs

welcome all to this edition of our small but very useful blog about glass roofs on conservatories can conservatories in recent years has had a high influx of potential clients requesting costings for the installation of self-cleaning glass for the conservatories

we must confess that this is a fantastic product that is absolutely amazing the actual product is coated with a special molecule that is attached to the glass if any debris or dirt or foreign body were to live on this glass when it rains in England which quite often it does the actual writing loosens the foreign debris and it is released washed away leaving the class nice and clean

there is only one drawback with this particular type of glass is that in some areas the leaves are small hint of blue which is more apparent at different times a day due to the way the sun moved around from eastern North but saying that the product is absolutely fantastic and is a lifesaver if you have a particular roof that is very hard to gain access to claim in our experience although costly is well worth every penny and the added benefit or so open about polycarbonate roof is that when it rains on the polycarbonate roof it can sound quite noisy inside your conservatory

but alas this is not the case with a glass roof the soundproofing is excellent and it’s very hard to tell whether it’s mine in or not even though you can visually so it’s so outside

we have enclosed your benefit a small caption of what the actual glass looks like but should you wish a free estimate for your can conservatory for this product and we are more than willing and available to show you this

self cleaning glass

self cleaning glass

Kent Conservatories ground works

Posted on February 27th, 2012 by johns-admin-dw  |  Comments Off on Kent Conservatories ground works

Conservatory hunting can be a daunting task but here at Essex conservatories we feel and believe that we offer a totally unique approach to purchasing your conservatory like no other company within the double glazing industry it has become apparent in recent years the prospective clients have heard nightmare stories of double glazing salesman overstayed their welcome as we have all heard in national and local tabloids

we would like to think that Essex conservatory’s would bring a breath of fresh air to the industry as without totally unique approach to explaining our products to all residents to live in the area of Kent.

kent conservatory footing

we built conservatories

we will undertake the complete task. To finish including your groundworks so from the first excavation of your ground footings you can rest assured that the groundwork preparation will be carried out as if it was can be inspected by your local building Inspector please see a brief illustration of what a footings looks like most of our groundworks will be to a minimum depth of 1 m and approximate 500 mm wide backfilled with necessary steelwork on the corners should the ground look unstable or loose


after all the ground works has been completely excavated to the correct dimensions and circumference of the brickwork to be received it will then be backfilled with quality concrete becomes ready mixed from a local concrete supplier within your regional area

once the concrete is set hard and dry we were then set out the actual die mentions of your conservatory and then raise all  brickwork to the damp proof course of your existing dwelling

when the damp course is up to the correct level we willing carry on with the relevant block work to the inside of your conservatory is important to remember that there are many many stages of the build to consider and at this early stage should a customer require any authorisation is important to let us know as soon as possible

Essex builders has been providing luxury sumptuous and delicious conservatories to all local residents that live in and around the area of Kent for quite some considerable time now

if you’re searching for a conservatory supplier that delivers high quality product then why not contact us to day and we will see will be can do to help you make your dreams come to reality by having your dream conservatory installed completely by us we have a unique and fantastic easy-to-use website that is full of useful information that may be of interest to you if you’re starting out to source a realistic and reliable conservatory supplier within the area of Kent

Kent Conservatories

Posted on February 27th, 2012 by johns-admin-dw  |  Comments Off on Kent Conservatories

Need a Conservatory price been let down by another contractor or even a double glazing company one contact us and I as we supply affordable luxury Conservatory to all residents that live in all boroughs of Kent

our conservatories might have a high specification and delicious in style there are many different types of conservatories and styles of them available on the market we are able to cater for all those and more including special conservatories that the glass topped self-cleaning roofs and specialised lanterns any sick you wish for which can make your dreams come true.

We have a fantastic website that we believe is probably one of the largest ones you will come across in the south-east of England specialising solely in conservatories in fact we believe that our website is larger than most of the leading contenders nationally within the United Kingdom but don’t take our word for it take a look for yourself

we supply and fit luxury conservatories at sensible and realistic prices we can’t do anything for nothing I’m sorry but the ethos of the company from the first trading is what you see is what you get in fact you’ll be hard pushed to find a company that is as transparent as house we explain everything to you from the first point of contact and to relieve your home known level will be unturned or left and you will never get any nasty shocks and surprises we’ve added extras after you thought that that was included in the price

we have been installed in conservatories to many areas of Kent for quite a few years now we have a totally unique and different approach than any other double glazing company we feel you have ever met who do not employ pushy salesman and we never use any tactical sales approach we meet any of our prospective clients we basically give you a good honest sound advice from our product and service that is second to none and we believe if you’re interested us you will even wish to proceed the evening you meet us or sometime in the not too distant future

we are able to cost for everything from start to finish for your conservatory it not only stops there but your conservatory will be fully warranted and guaranteed by our company as well please take a look at how useful our website is at providing relevant information for all conservatories we hope that you found out article although briefly short of interest and should you find a company to be of interest to you then why not contact us to to day as we will be at hand to help you every relevant stage

in some cases but not very often is the need for planning permission arises we can always help potential clients with this it will involve the services of an architect as well as some office paperwork to do with the relevancy of your application the process of this can normally take between 4 to 8 weeks to hear back from your local authority on the outcome of your application as we have said that these are not always the case as it may fall under permitted development rights that you may go to proceed without notice your neighbours in any shape or form but it is always best prior before anything that you check your local authority to see if planning permission should be sourced at hand as it is the householders responsibility to make sure office are not the service provider

all of our installation carried out by our own people who do not sub contract or outsource any work other than electrical installations and gas installations both bodies of companies we use are fully certified and accredited by independent boards this gives you your total peace of mind and assurance that in the specific fields of work is being carried out by competent and registered tradesmen these are the only people that we outsource to other than that all the rest is kept in-house to keep costs to a minimum and savings passed on to the client

Conservatory supplier Kent

Posted on February 27th, 2012 by johns-admin-dw  |  Comments Off on Conservatory supplier Kent

it’s a constant battle we know to find a reliable conservatory supplier in Kent but here at Johns brickwork although we are based in Essex we have been supplying luxury conservatories for all regions of caring for many years now the ethos of the company is quite simple what you see is what you get total open transparency from start to finish along with good honest sound advice from a reputable builder

along with this we only use topping range conservatory suppliers that use the best quality hot where on their windows and doors as we do believe that quality does speak for itself let me give you plan example

you can buy a packet of crisps from the happy shopper 20 pence or you can go to Marks & Spencer’s and you can buy a packet of crisps for 40 p the difference of quality is the difference in the price that you party obviously the longer the better tasting this could be the Marks & Spencer one but will be coming to this is we sit in the middle but provide the topping range conservatory.

We offer free estimates on a seven-day system Monday to Sunday telephones are always answers you won’t have any longer the introduction of pushes button push a button because when on options world we live in the real world which is reality so you will always hear human voice on the telephone

we don’t confess to being the cheapest conservatory company kent but we have already explained the situation to you we offer fine quality of work at sensible prices we don’t over inflate or embellish anything whatsoever with the aid of our laptop we are able to build your dream conservatory in your home this enables you to see the finished article which benefits yourself and us as we have something visually to see

we do hope you take the time to visit some samples of work of conservatory installations there been carried out in Kent and should you require further information this is always obtainable on frequently asked questions within our website or there is an abundance of very useful information about our company and of course conservatory’s

we do hope to hear from you if you find a company of interest as it will be a pleasure to assist you in any shape or form even if it’s some free advice from a friendly person on the end of the telephone

Kent Conservatories/conservatory

Posted on February 27th, 2012 by johns-admin-dw  |  Comments Off on Kent Conservatories/conservatory

with the summer fast on its way why not contact John’s brickwork to see if we are able to help you design and choose the conservatory of your dreams as we have been supplying and fitting conservatory’s to all areas of Kent for quite a few years now, we believe that we offer an unbelievable fantastic range of handmade conservatory’s that are completely maintenance free and designed and built to withstand many years of our winters.

Our conservatory’s sumptuous and delicious in design but that is where we help you the design factor of your conservatory is absolutely paramount as a badly designed conservatory will show in the long run we take into consideration the complete need of your conservatory it maybe you wish to use it for a luxury office of room of entertaining or dining area in fact the usability of your conservatory is endless we can even introduce luxury by folding doors that fault back all the way to one side of your conservatory inviting your garden into your living room.

There are many different types of styles conservatory available if you take a look at our website you will see the amounts of works we have carried out and the ranges of conservatory is and of course the choice of colour available is endless. Once we have established top conservatory that meets your needs we were then interact by designing your conservatory with the latest state-of-the-art technology in 3-D viewing we are able to use a laptop to type in all the guy mentions of your conservatory the styles of Windows and along with the positioning of your luxury doors whether they be patio doors or French doors leading out into your garden are programmers design to fit your doors and windows exactly where you require them.

We supply free estimates and advice all the time

conservatories u us

With this in mind the complete conservatory will be designed with all your key elements of the features that you requested from us within start to place the windows and doors on top of the brickwork and it finally the installation of your roof

the roof of your conservatory can be made of several materials one of course is the polycarbonate which comes in a range of colours from clear, blue, bronze,

in recent years with a technology that has been evolved self-cleaning glass is now available for the conservatory sector this is quite costly but eliminates the need for washing your conservatory from the first I’ve installation but we are more than happy to provide you with your cost-effective solution for your Kent  conservatory

we have various offers on at the moment for all residents that live in all areas of Kent to which we would like to offer you especially if you’re a senior citizen please take advantage of a discount voucher coupon system please see the website terms and conditions do apply.

We hope and trust that you have found all our information above of interest to you and should you request a quotation from us for your conservatory you might do this by either contacting us directly or you can contact us by e-mailing further e-mail contact form within the website

our main website is full of useful friendly easy to read information please take a look at our gallery section and you will see the ranges of conservatory is that we have been fitted in the areas of Kent.

All our estimates of valid for a period of 30 days so it does enable you to go further estimates for all your conservatory needs but most of the time we meet people due to the fact of our professional conduct and the way we actually listen to what you need we find that most people come on board not because we are the cheapest conservatory company in Kent is because we have been totally transparent and we don’t hide anything other than what you see is what you get from us

we do thank you Connie from reading the entry within our blog to day and hope and trust that we hear from you in the not too near distant future

kent conservatories

need a conservatory estimate

chemlsford conservatories

Posted on February 25th, 2012 by johns-admin-dw  |  Comments Off on chemlsford conservatories

we supply great conservatories in Essex but for this week only to all the people in Chelsmford Essex its vat free so you wont find a better deal around at the moment please call us to dat to find out about this specail deals from us

Kent conservatory suppliers

Posted on February 25th, 2012 by johns-admin-dw  |  Comments Off on Kent conservatory suppliers

We at Johns  brickwork believe that we can supply all residents that are searching for an honest and realistic quotation for the conservatory needs we believe that we offer sensible and realistic prices for all of your conservatory needs your more than confident that we can design your perfect conservatory for you in the comfort of your own in recent years we have invested heavily in computer technology the benefits of this small potential clients that live in the area of Kent is we are able to use virtual reality so that you can see your beautiful conservatory side of the handbuilt to your lost every specification.

this service is totally free of charge and without any obligation to buy from us every shape or form is without conduct ourselves by companies who have written the local tabloids we believe that ethos of our companies surviving the economic recession of our country is to supply the truth and a product speaks for itself

should you require all eagerly planning permission for your conservatory we will help me to every relevant stage peaceful free to view our easy-to-use navigate website as it’s full of very good and useful information about conservatory in Kent  that we have recently installed.

if you’re searching for company to supply you with an honest and realistic quotation for all of your conservatory needs then please do contact us at I as it will be our utmost pleasure to hear from you we have been installed in luxury conservatory’s support areas of Kent for the past four years now


Kent Conservatories

Posted on February 20th, 2012 by johns-admin-dw  |  Comments Off on Kent Conservatories

Hello and welcome to our website that specialises in luxury and affordable conservatory’s room here at Essex builders would like to offer all of our services for residents that live in areas of Kent if you are searching for a company on the Internet to supply you with an honest and realistic quotation few conservatory needfs  then why not contact us today

we are more than confident that we may meet and exceed all of your special needs in the design stage of your conservatory as we use the latest state of the art software that enables us to graphically design and draw your conservatory we are able to do this with the aid of laptop technology  we are able to design and construct your conservatory right in front of your very own eyes with breathtaking 3-D technology you will be amazed at the speed with construction your dream conservatory

we undertake all stages of the build right from the beginning so there of very few delays in delivering your dream conservatory please take a look at our website and you will see all different types of styles of viable that we are able to deliver for you .

in some circumstances it may be necessary to apply for planning permission for your conservatory or here at Essex builders we are more than happy and helpful to assist to at every relevant stage should this be required more than often it is not always the fact that you do need  planning permission but we always check with your local authority prior just a brief on the safe side

all of our conservatory’s are made of high quality PVC U and our security of our windows and doors is second to none with high security through bolt locking action on all of your Windows and deadbolt locking system on your doors you can rest assured that you are more than safe secure within our conservatory’s

in recent years with the introduction of self-cleaning glass this has become more more popular and we have seen an influx of installations requiring this special product that has been on the market for a period of 2 to 3 years we hope that you have found us of interest and should you require much to give you a free estimate in the comfort of your own home at a time that is also convenient to yourself that we would like to hear from you as we feel that she will be hard pushed to find a company that delivers the quality of product and service that we provide this offer applies to all residents that live in all areas of Kent’s






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