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Renovating Your Kitchen

This very important room in your house gets used every day multiple times. making it a very important part of your home. Inadequately thought out layout, and poor lighting coupled with in-efficient old appliances are common mistakes in kitchen building that we can put right with a full kitchen renovation.


Bathroom RenovationRenovating Your Bathroom

Everybody loves pampering themselves in their bathroom its a special room that needs to be right to let you relax when you get yourself a bath, shower or wash.

The most popular and cost effective ways to improve your home is to have a new bathroom fitted. We can tackle any bathroom projects from changing your floor covering to ripping out the out bathroom suite, stripping the walls before re-laying the floor and re-covering the walls and installing you a new modern new bathroom suite.

Repairing or Replacing Exterior Wall Materials

Exterior walls to your property provide protection and mark your property's boundaries.

Exterior Wall Renovation

The protection element of walls must ensure they prevent the house being penetrated by the elements and the wall must be tough and durable enough to withstand temperature changes where expansion and contraction occur

If you decide to Repair or rebuild any exterior walls you will ensure your property remains protected and safe for years to come.

John’s Brickwork, can do all your renovation work, including, Basements, Window, Door, Basement, Accessibility Renovations, Ramps, Kitchens, Bathrooms and much much more....

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