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Archive for October, 2018

Builders in Leigh on sea

Posted on October 20th, 2018 by johns-admin-dw  |  Comments Off on Builders in Leigh on sea

When you are a homeowner that values quality, finding the right Leigh On Sea builder for your construction project could be a hassle because you want the best. However, we are the perfect construction company that meets all your requirements.
Do you want to construct high-quality loft conversions, home extensions, bricklaying, or conservatories? Are you searching for a local builder Leigh On Sea? Are you looking for a builder with an impressive pedestal for quality and construction that meets the best standards in the industry? You do not have to search any further; here is the perfect Leigh On Sea builder for you.

Our Services
We are builders in Leigh On Sea with class. We are professionals. We are specialists. We are classified as the best builders in Leigh On Sea. Here are the services we offer to provide you with an exhilarating experience.

a. Loft Conversions
Do you want more usable space in your house? Do you need extra rooms and the only option you have is loft conversions? We are the suitable local builder Leigh On Sea for you. We help homeowners to create the space they desire in their homes by helping them to transform their lofts into usable rooms.
We specialize in loft conversions, and we can provide you with hip to gable, the dormer and Mansard loft conversions. Irrespective of your preference, you would be glad you undertook the project because the outcome will dazzle you.

b. Home Extensions
Do you want to extend your home physically to accommodate more rooms or space? Do you want to hire first-class Leigh On Sea builder? We are always at your service; we would help you achieve your goals.
Many homeowners have found home extensions the perfect alternative to moving to a new home or neighbourhood. In addition to creating more space or rooms, the value of the property becomes enhanced. When you want to extend your home from the rear, side or front, we will execute it flawlessly without compromising the integrity of your existing building.

c. Bricklaying
Do you want to construct retaining walls, internal or external walls, foundation, groundwork, fences or brickwork in Leigh On Sea? We are the perfect bricklayer for your project. We are highly skilled and ensure the best procedure that will guarantee world-class finish that will meet your requirements.
As the local builder Leigh On Sea, you can trust us for top-of-the-range bricklaying work such as drainage, paving, home extensions, and a fireplace in addition to the services mentioned above. We are licensed and certified with the best standards obtainable in the UK.

d. Conservatories
Do you want to build awe-inspiring conservatories in Leigh On Sea? Are you seriously looking for builders in Leigh On Sea that can handle the construction professionally? You are in the right place; we are the leading local builder Leigh On Sea with specialization in the installation of first-rate conservatories.
When you want a conservatory made with either PVCu or hardwood and glazing materials, you can never go wrong choosing us. We pride in first-class service delivery that sets us above all other builders in Leigh On Sea. We assure you of the best experience.

Why Hire Us?
We are the best builders in Leigh On Sea due to our excellent quality. It is so glaring that our quality speaks for itself. Over the years, we have worked with many homeowners to transform their homes, and the outcomes made them send us several referrals.
Below are some of the reasons you should hire us as your Leigh On Sea builder:
1. Experience
We have more than 15 years experience as the Leigh On Sea builder. Our experience is vast in loft conversions, home extensions, bricklaying, conservatories, and other construction projects. We guarantee the best quality possible, and you would be dazzled by our services.
2. Licensed, Bonded and Insured
We are a registered construction company, and by the legal requirements, we are adequately insured and bonded. When you hire us, your property is covered. If any accidents happened, you would not be liable, our insurance would answer for it. And if there is a problem with the project done, which is not likely, you are covered; it will be fixed at no extra costs to you.
3. Certified and Licensed Team of Professionals
Everyone on our team is a professional. We take our time to search for the best guys in their fields and hire them because we want to give you the best; you deserve it. Contact us and experience the best quality and highest level of professionalism possible.
4. First-rate Quality
The only thing you can expect from us is the BEST QUALITY! We do not lower our standard for any reason. It is our strength, and we keep improving every day. We promise only what we can deliver, and we guarantee you the BEST QUALITY!

Contact us for the best builders in Leigh On Sea today and experience an all-around transformation in your projects. We are the best Leigh On Sea builder!

Builder in Leigh on sea

Posted on October 20th, 2018 by johns-admin-dw  |  Comments Off on Builder in Leigh on sea

Looking for Leigh On Sea builder to hire for your construction project? Are you searching for the best builders in Leigh On Sea that have the experience and expertise needed to deliver the top quality construction you desire? Do you want to carry out loft conversions, home extensions, conservatories, or fence? Do not stress out; you have come to the right place.
We are Leigh On Sea Builder with everything required to execute your construction project satisfactorily. Of course, there are several builders in Leigh On Sea; we are the finest of them all! Our quality is exceptional, and it is the benchmark that is too hard to beat for any competitors in the entire Leigh On Sea area and beyond.
As a professional construction company, we pride in top-of-the-range quality that has become the hallmark of our services. We construct loft conversions and home extensions that comply with all building codes and standards. We help homeowners improve their living space and enhance the value of their homes.
We have a team of qualified and experienced builders, bricklayers, architects, tradesmen, etc. that are dedicated to the best quality, workmanship and customers’satisfaction. For more reasons why we are the perfect builders in Leigh On Sea for your construction project, read more.

Why Hire Us?
Here are some of the reasons you should hire us as the Leigh On Sea builder for your project.
1. 15 Years’ Experience
We have been professionally in this business for more than 15 years. Experience counts in construction, and we have a profound experience that is a reflection of the quality we can provide.
2. Registered, Licensed, Insured and Bonded
As a leader in the industry, we are a registered company, licensed to operate in and beyond the Leigh On Sea area. We are insured and bonded according to the law and regulations guiding the construction industry. So, you can rest assured that you are dealing with a professional company that has an identity legally.
3. Best Qualified Workmanship
The kind of labour or workmen that handle your construction project would determine the level of quality you would get and your overall experience in the home. Hiring us, you are assured of workmen that will give your project their best.
4. Transparent Pricing Policy
We are the Leigh On Sea builder that will provide you with a breakdown of the costs for constructing your project. We will complete your project without extra or hidden costs to you.
5. Customer Satisfaction
Your overall experience is our priority that is why we leave no stone unturned to ensure that you have the best quality that will go above and beyond your expectations.
Contact us today; we look forward to building with you.

Essex loft conversions

Posted on October 16th, 2018 by johns-admin-dw  |  Comments Off on Essex loft conversions



As a specialist in the loft conversion in Essex with years of experience, we are the company to choose for the best utilization of your loft space. We are the leading organization when you are thinking of Essex loft conversions. Our focus on customer service is to help you achieve your dream home and have maximum utilization your living space. We can take care of everything from designing to planning to final construction, whether you are looking for a bedroom for children, an office in your home or a master bedroom.

We approach each loft conversion separately to present you affordable rates for the perfect loft conversion for you. We want to make a dedicated use of your loft space that will add real value to your home. We will make your loft the one you are craving for.

We perfectly understand how to convert your useless loft space into a place to cherish on your house. We have some of the best building specialists, project planners, managers and architects in the industry to make your dream a reality. Most importantly, we are very flexible, committed to working according to your schedule. By selecting us, you can be sure that your project will be accomplished within the predetermined time period.

If you are looking to make your house become your loving home, then Loft conversation is one of the best ways to achieve it.

Loft conversions are not only a great way to increase your home’s value, but it also offers other big incentives. It enables you to turn the unwanted and unused vacant loft into a comfortable new living space where you and your family members can spend some quality time.

It adds space to your existing property

If you wish for creating some extra space in your home where you can keep all your precious belongings or probably convert it into the extra living area for you and your family, you may achieve it easily with the help of the Loft Conversion Group of our company.

We are proud of our aptitude to convert lofts and customer reviews tell that we offer excellent quality and innovativeness. Loft Conversions are basically of three types. The one you choose will be determined by a number of aspects such as the age of your house, your budget and the type of house you live in. Going for a loft conversion will not only add some extra space to your house, but it will add appreciably to the property’s value. Many people convert their loft to get some more living space in their existing home without going through the stressful and costly process of shifting to a bigger house.

A loft conversion is a highly affordable mean of converting an unused space of your home. We present high-quality loft conversions which will be simple, worry-free and will not upset your everyday routine as we have a nice and professional working exercise. By transforming your loft you may have a great living room, an ideal playroom for your children, an office, workplace or study area, an extra bedroom, a restroom or shower or a simple storeroom to keep your ever increasing belongings.

Planning, designing and build

Our chief focus is to make the process of loft conversion as hassle-free and as smooth as possible. We intend to maintain the whole process from consultation to complete in-house loft conversion to ensure a smooth transition from the beginning to the end and guarantee your satisfaction. At first, one of our group supervisors will connect you to have a discussion on all of the loft conversion specifications and to clear any doubt you may be having. Our supervisor will further give an affordable plan for the project necessities you have talked about and wanted.

All aspects of the work are subsequently handled by our team of professionals, including structural and architectural design, complete planning and construction regulatory applications, surveying of the site, building and project management, making all communication between the parties as uncomplicated as possible.

But, we are also more than pleased to work with any other designated agents you might have on request for Loft conversion in Essex.

Loft Conversion types

Our Loft Conversion team recognizes that no two Essex loft conversions are identical; not only because of the variety of properties existing in the city but more due to the nice range of people, their lifestyles and tastes. We take additional effort to adapt each loft conversion project, according to customer needs and incorporate everything they may require.

It could comprise the latest wet rooms and bathroom suites available or amazing feature of designs to maximize natural lighting. We can install staircases as well, fit adequate furniture and storage as per your wish, along with electrical services and lighting.

We offer the highest possible results with minimum fuss

One of our key objectives is that you are not at all disturbed even during the actual process of loft conversion. We schedule our building hours around your daily time schedules whenever possible and we use cranes to bring most of the supplies to the loft to minimize traffic through the actual house.

But, in the case going through your house becomes inevitable, then we really take all appropriate protective precautions and safety measures to ensure that your flooring, walls and furniture is not damaged.

Connect with us to begin your Essex loft conversion

Loft conversion Essex can be achieved to perfection with our intervention. Be it traditional or modular loft conversion we can provide you the awesome result. Just give us a call or drop a message or email. Our team will give a free of cost site survey and things will move on smoothly from there on. We will offer you our customized loft conversion for you. It will be based on your need and the home you are living. There are no fancy and hidden charges. Everything is transparent and you visit our website to have a look of the other loft conversions successfully completed by our team of professionals. You will also find lots of good information about the loft conversion planning process and testimonials

Southend builders

Posted on October 13th, 2018 by johns-admin-dw  |  Comments Off on Southend builders

Is your home feeling a little bit tight and short of space is your family growing why not contact the Southend builder to give you a free fixfirm no complicated quotation for your home extension weather a beer sought after loft conversion or a pristine home extension from start to finish the service we provide is a total breeze
without any question of a doubt we are fully experienced all aspects of the Building and construction industry with closely watch and follow your plans and working line with your structural engineers as well as your employed architect
the best feature about our service is that all our work is independently inspected by your local council building inspector this gives the client total peace of mind at all times
so if you’re looking for a Southend-on-Sea builder and you have plans for your home extension or loft conversion call us today as it will be a pleasure to meet you and supply you with your free quotation
Here at Southend builders we make your dreams come true

Southend builders

Posted on October 13th, 2018 by johns-admin-dw  |  Comments Off on Southend builders

Are you in need of a builder desperately searching for honest a reliable one to produce you good results at a realistic price
we have been carrying out loft conversions and home extensions to the area of Southend-on-Sea Essex for over a period of 15 years we are highly qualified and experienced in all relevant sections of this Building and construction industry section
we offer you a fixed quotation for the job from start to finish so you can clearly see exactly what your bill is going to come to without any nasty secret surprises

as a Southend Builder we believe with the we are the market leaders and 4 from Frontiers of our industry why not contact us today to receive your free quotation for your loft conversion or home extension

take time to browse through our website as you will see a gallery section full of loft conversions and home extensions carried out in the area of Southend-on-Sea Essex by our company
we look forward to receiving your phone call for any necessary information that you feel you may need us to answer

Battlesbridge builder

Posted on October 3rd, 2018 by johns-admin-dw  |  Comments Off on Battlesbridge builder

Looking for Builders in Battlesbridge? well you’re in luck. John’s Brickwork have years of experience in serving the major Essex areas, covering the major towns and villages in and around the Battlesbridge area.

From general building work, to extensions, loft conversions, conservatories and every other kind of building requirement in between, we can help. We have a friendly team of workers who stand out no end in how loyal and hard working they are in the work they carry out. No job is ever the same however with this in mind, out commitment to giving our customers the very very best service is one thing which is forever consistent time and time again.

We have over 50 years of experience in the building trade and we also have numerous examples of projects we have undertaken to date on our website. With this much experience, this also means we are familiar in working on both properties old and new.

Another point with our work which stands out very often is the manner to how tidy we are in carrying out our work. We keep the site tidy on a daily basis and ensure our tools are not left in harms way. We also value the importance of health and safety which can never be gambled.

Should you be considering us for your building requirements, simply get in touch and we will come and offer you a free quote and assess your needs in a most effective manner. We are incredibly staightforward in the manner in which we work and likewise, we are cost effective in manner to which we also price our work. Simply get in touch and we’ll strive to help you right away.

Basildon builders

Posted on October 3rd, 2018 by johns-admin-dw  |  Comments Off on Basildon builders

if you have a need for an extra room in your home and you reside in the area of Basildon Essex call Basildon builders we are in unique companies that carry out all different types of Home Service construction works

expert builders in the range of loft conversions home extensions and basement Conversions noni that our speciality is building garages we make your dreams come true and create beautiful dreams for you to live in

fully insured and fully respect within the construction industry Basildon builders have been carried out all major works in the area of Basildon for over 10 years now
we have a massive website full of our construction works carried out why not visit it and browse through at the your leisure you will not be disappointed at seeing the creative work that we have made and built for our clients that live and reside in the area of Basildon

Basildon builder

Posted on October 3rd, 2018 by johns-admin-dw  |  Comments Off on Basildon builder

Is your home in need of more space extra bedrooms a larger lounge or even a beautiful kitchen
here at Basildon builders we are firmly established within the county of Essex we are fully experienced a carrying out a wonderful home extensions and beautiful and luxurious loft conversions

we have been carrying out home extensions for the area of Basildon for more than 10 years now all our work is accredited and fully inspected by your independent building inspector giving you complete peace of mind knowing that we have carried out your main structural works to your accredited plans and engineers report

we have a team of expert builders to hand so even build the most complicated of builds in Basildon so if you are searching for a builder contact us today

you would not be disappointed at the quality of work and the reasonable costs for building your luxury home extension or loft conversion in the area of Basildon



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