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Southend builders

Posted on September 30th, 2018 by johns-admin-dw  |  Comments Off on Southend builders

Nothing compares to having all the space you want in you need. However, the existing architectural design of your home may have limited space available for your need. The number of persons living in your home may have increased, or you may want to have a separate room for certain activities. In that situation, it might be a dilemma choosing between moving and remodeling. But considering the cost and stress involved, loft conversions or home extensions are the perfect options.
Are you searching for the right HYPERLINK “” Southend builders that will construct the perfect loft conversions or home extensions for you? Do you want to hire a Southend builder that understands the A-Z of loft conversions and home extensions for best results? We are the perfect construction company that will make your dream come true.

Builders in basildon

Need conversion??

Loft conversions and home extensions are very technical and require years of experience and in-depth knowledge to achieve the best results with tampering with the structural integrity of the building. Also, to ensure that the remodeling project complements or the loft conversions or home extensions become a seamless part of the existing, a higher level of professionalism and keen attention to details are needed.
Saying that we are the best Southend builders is not an exaggeration; our quality speaks for itself. We are a construction company committed to clients’ satisfaction and comfort. We usually discuss with our clients to know their expectations, and we help them achieve their goal.
Being HYPERLINK “” Southend builders that specialize in constructing topnotch home extensions and loft conversions that meet the goals of our clients. Our construction work is legendary, and our remodeling projects are masterpieces. We use only the best materials and hire the best-qualified tradesmen and builders to work on our team.
Excellence is our hallmark! And no competitor has been able to meet up with the level of our quality. We upgrade and improve our techniques, approaches, and procedures to give our clients the best they desire. If you need the best of the Southend builders, there is no need to search further; contact us now.

Benefits of Hiring Us
1. We construct home extensions and loft conversions that meet all building standards and codes following the best practices in the industry.
2. We have a team of certified and experienced builders, bricklayers, architects, tradesmen and more.
3. Our charges are not cheap, but you will not have any complaints or need any repairs after the completion of the project, which gives you great value for money.
4. We complete all projects on time without extra costs.
5. We replicate what you have in the drawing precisely no matter how detailed it may be.

Speak to us today. We are HYPERLINK “” Southend builders; constructing your dream home is our priority.

Southend builders

Posted on September 29th, 2018 by johns-admin-dw  |  Comments Off on Southend builders

Do you want to extend your home to create more usable space? Are you considering loft conversions to have extra rooms in your house? Are you looking for an experienced Southend builder to hire for your project? Do you want to contract Southend builders that specialize in home extensions and loft conversions? Your search has ended; we are the best HYPERLINK “” Southend builders for your project.
Loft conversions and home extensions are improvement or remodeling projects aimed at creating more space in the home and enhancing the architectural design of a house. As a result, it is crucial that you hire Southend builders with excellent history.

HYPERLINK “” Loft Conversions
Loft conversions transform your loft or attic space into usable space or rooms. When your present home becomes smaller for your space need, you should not worry; we can help open up your loft and construct rooms that will meet your needs.
It is common knowledge that loft conversions are the perfect option to create spare rooms for your teenager, visitors, gym, entertainment and more. Without leaving your present home, you can have more rooms made possible by your loft.
As the leading HYPERLINK “” Southend builders, we will inspect your loft and let you know the perfect type of loft conversions that is best for your home. We specialize in the hip to gable, dormers and Mansard loft conversions; so, your project is in safe hands. We will ensure that you have an extra living space you need.
With more than 15 years of experience constructing loft conversions, we have set a standard of quality that is hard to beat by any Southend builders. Right from the choice of materials to the quality of workmanship and construction procedures, you cannot go wrong hiring us for your project.
We pride in excellent customer service delivery and timely completion of projects. We have amazing internal quality control to ensure that all the industry’s standards are met.

Home Extensions
Home extensions project involves extending a home from the side, front or rear. Home extensions alter the existing architectural structure of a house, and it could result in structural integrity issues if handled by inexperienced builders. To forestall such problems, contact us, your reputable Southend builders.
Home extensions have proven to be an effective way of creating more space in your home and adding more value. However, several factors must be considered. The building regulations must be considered in relation to the kind of extension to be carried out. Also, permitted development and planning permission are important factors that cannot be overlooked.
Irrespective of the magnitude of the home extensions you want to carry out on your house, we are the perfect Southend builders for you. We pay attention to details and follow all building codes and standards to ensure that you have more space and not at the cost of your home’s structural integrity.
Contact us today; we have our experienced team comprises certified and licensed architects, professional builders, technicians and tradesmen that are dedicated to the best quality and customer satisfaction and safety.

Benefits of Loft Conversions and Home Extensions
When compared to moving, loft conversions and HYPERLINK “” home extensions offer several advantages when you need more space in your home. Here are some of their benefits, especially when you hire experienced Southend builders.
1. Save Cost of Moving
There are several costs involved in moving to another house especially if you are buying a new home. You will be up against taxes, stamp duties, and agent’s fees in addition to the cost of the property. Loft conversions and home extensions save you these costs.
2. Retain Your Home
The home improvement projects enable you to retain your home, where you have lived for several years. You can have more space and continue to live there.
3. Avoid The Stress of Moving
Moving to another house is a serious issue and can be very stressful. You do not have to go through the stress when you can have loft conversions or home extensions carried out for you.
4. Add Value to Your Property
Loft conversions and home extensions add significant value to your property. As a result, they are worth carrying out on your property.
5. Enhance the Functionality of the Home – More Space
Loft conversions and home extensions create more space in your home, thereby enhancing the functionality of your home by having more rooms and space according to your need.

Contact us today, and let the journey of your home extensions or loft conversions begin. We guarantee a pleasant experience. You can trust our expertise and top quality workmen and procedures to help you create the home of your dream. We do not take details for granted that is why we construct topnotch loft conversions and home extensions. We go above and beyond our clients’ expectations because we prioritize their satisfaction.

Southend builders

Posted on July 30th, 2018 by johns-admin-dw  |  Comments Off on Southend builders

Southend-on-Sea Builder

Finding a reliable builder for your project can be a daunting task. This prospect becomes even worse with tight budget constraints. How do you balance the costs of your project with finding a reliable builder in Southend on Sea?

Qualities to look for in a quality builder

Personal recommendation is undoubtedly an important factor in our choice of a professional builder. Recommendations and validation from friends or family soothes our nerves, assuring us of first hand quality experience. Sadly, we cannot always get the recommendations we desire. Even when we do, conducting your own personal evaluation is critical.

Websites, social media presence, and building boards can always help your personal search. Again, though, it is important that you take whatever you see online at surface level until you can vet the firm. First, check to confirm the quality of work done by your selected builder(s). Have they completed any building projects to your desired standards? Do they have experience building in the region?

If you can get references from previous projects, follow up with these via phone call. Watch out for their reliability with timing; you do not need a builder that can’t get the job delivered as and when promised. Vet the builder for their insurance cover, just in case things go wrong, and check to confirm your cover too. Ensure the builder is one who is well aware of local regulations – and plans on complying with them.

If your builder has scaled your vetting process, you can now go ahead to discuss project costs and timescale. Watch out for what you are billed for, and keep a written record of your agreement throughout the work period.

Professional Southend on Sea Builder

If you are in need of a professional builder in Southend-on-sea Essex, look no further than Johns Brickwork Essex. A professional building company with a well-established team, Johns Brickwork Essex boasts nearly 20 years of professional experience in building.

The team of expert, fully qualified builders, bricklayers, plasterers, plumbers and electricians has been carefully put together to cater for any of your building needs. Whether you are in need of loft extensions that add value to your house, renovations and repairs, loft conversion, or conservatories, we are up to the task.

We are one of the most reliable Southend-on-sea builders you will find. As a home based company, we are well aware of the terrain and the quality of buildings it requires, positioning us for a quality job for new building projects. Our homes are custom built, tailored specifically to your needs. We are also conversant with Essex building regulations, always ensuring that your home is built to code.

Our dedication to constructing sustainable, energy efficient homes is unparalleled. And we remain fair in the valuation and estimation of the cost of the required building materials, and the cost of our services. With customer satisfaction atop our priority list, and a trail of satisfied clients beside us, you can be sure that we are the professional Southend on sea builder you seek.

Southend builder

Posted on July 11th, 2018 by johns-admin-dw  |  Comments Off on Southend builder

Never “DIY” With Loft Conversions or Home Extensions.

Extending your home is a breath of fresh air.

It means more space at home. You can have a person or 2 move into the new extension. Or, you could setup a dream room after your renovations are over.

You know, like a gym, a library, or a new bedroom!

But do note that expanding your home is never an easy activity. And below, we’ll tell you why…

We’ll mention 6 reasons why home extensions must be done by professionals.

First – Proper Boiler Extensions.
Boilers are utilities in England. You need them.

Especially in Essex, where the climate is cooler than the rest of the country.

When extending your home, you have to account for the new load on your boilers. You must also account for you radiators’ capacity to keep up.

Can you do so on your own?

We don’t think so. You’ll need the evaluation of a professional. And you’ll need a professional to upgrade your heating system.

Second – Insulation.
This again, has to do with the cold. But it’s also rainfall related.

It’s a problem that applies a lot to loft conversions. Because one of the problems there is rainfall…

If you don’t renovate your loft well (or damage your roof), expect leakage. And this will ruin your life quality…

Not to mention, it’ll make your new extension unusable. So you’re spending money for nothing.

With a professional Southend-On-Sea builder, you get a specialist to insulate your extension well.

Whether it be a loft or a new room, you won’t have any water leaking in – or room heat leaking out!

Third – What Kind of Extension Are You Doing?
Are you making a new floor at your home? Or are you just expanding on the ground floor?

Because both require different safety measures.

When extending above, you have to account for load. You’ve got to make sure that your home can support a 2nd floor.

Or else, expect a collapse.

Over-extensions are done a lot by builders in Southend-On-Sea. And that’s because the town is more urbanized than the rest of Britain.

If you live in a rural area, you usually won’t need an overextension.

Get a Professional to Gauge Load.
The last thing you need if for your house to collapse on you.

Not only do you lose your home. But you might not get an insurance payout for it. Because many insurance companies don’t support home extensions.

Fourth – Can You Combine Style and Utility?
Most people can’t.

Can you design a new room that lets in enough sun-light, while maintaining privacy? Do you know the best angles to setup windows and blinds?

Do you know the window sizes you want?

Even better, do you know the best fabrics and materials for your new room?

A lot of those questions are best answered by a professional. They’ll show you the best types of materials on the market to achieve the look you want.

They’ll tell you how to maximize the efficiency and lifespan of your new room.

Fifth – What About Regulations?
There are regulations for fire safety, and structural integrity. You have others for moisture proofing, and heat/water insulation.

Not to mention regulations on energy use in your new extensions.

Before commencing on a DIY project, you must be aware of those regulations. Because you don’t want to pay a fine for building what you’re not supposed to build.

In worst case scenarios, what you build might be torn down.

Sixth – Piping and Wiring.
How do you plan on connecting your extension (or loft conversion) to your main power source?

What about piping? Will your new room have water supplied to it? If yes, what’s the piping structure going to be like?

Can you plan those out in advance? Can you install a sophisticated piping system on your own?

Definitely not.

As You Can See…
With building, the “DIY” approach is practically impossible.

You can’t do it alone. Because it’s not easy. There are so many variables that come into play when managing a building project.

And you need training to be a good builder.

You need an expert to advise you on how to approach the project. And by hiring a professional builder, you get insight on what is in the realm of possibilities.

And that’s the just planning part. There’s still the building too, which we assume you don’t have the tools for…

In summation, hire yourself builders in Southend-On-Sea. It’ll save you tons of pain and lost time!

local builder southend

Posted on August 5th, 2012 by johns-admin-dw  |  Comments Off on local builder southend

welcome to our company. We are a small but firmly est building company within the area of Southend-on-Sea, Essex, and if you’re searching for a local builder within the Southend area. The new come to the right company as we provide free estimates at sensible realistic and understandable prices. We have a wealth of experience within the building and construction industry and we are more than capable of carried out many projects from home extensions loft conversions and with recent call for introduction of conservatories as well


your local Southend-on-Sea builder


we are available to be contacted from Monday to Sunday and all calls are answered, up until 10 PM every evening, including Sundays as well. So if you had your local plans past and approved by your local building authority and you wish to source a free estimates, local Southend-on-Sea builder then why not contact myself today as it read my utmost pleasure to help you along this path. I will provide you this, friendly free advice along with sensible realistic costs for all of your building needs

please check out my website as I believe I have the largest portfolio website within the south-east of England for anyone looking for a local builder in Southend so you can rest assured that your deliver company that is fully accredited and experienced in all aspects of the building industry. I hope to receive your phone call and look forward to meet you in person about all of your building and construction needs. Thank you for taking the time for reading this entry in today’s blog

Southend-on-Sea builder

your local Southend-on-Sea builder

Southend builders 07859012042

Posted on August 27th, 2011 by johns-admin-dw  |  Comments Off on Southend builders 07859012042

We carry carry out all different types of building work from excavation of groundworks for your home extension or perhaps maybe if in your dream home all the way through to the last kick of paint your skirting boards.

We provide a fully documented estimate for all of your building needs we are honest reliable and trustworthy and of course we are based in Southend.

All of our work is carried out to a very high standard and we supply affordable rates or should you wish even an hourly rate for you to carry out any of your building or construction needs. We are highly specialised builders within the construction industry for carrying all types of construction, extension work, home improvements you can contact us as we are available from Monday all the way through to Sunday from approximately 8 AM in the morning until 10 PM most evenings.

We hope to hear from you about any of your building projects that you would like us to supply you with a free estimateCALL US FOR FREE ESTIMATES

Southend Builders

Posted on August 27th, 2011 by johns-admin-dw  |  Comments Off on Southend Builders


                                                                  THE SOUTHEND BUILDER



We here at Southend builders are a friendly bunch of professionals which offer a complete building service or  we are fully experienced in all aspects of the building trade and deliver a high-class finish  all our reliable estimates are very competitive , our work is fully guaranteed and we offer free estimates for all of your building requirements from home extension, Loft conversions, renovations we offer you a simple step solution for all of your building requirements

                                                Home extension


we are experts at building home extensions whether it be single-storey flat roof extension to a complete wraparound with gable end extensions we are experts in this specialised field of work, now more than confident that we can deliver high-class finish at affordable prices we are very competitive and order prices will clearly state and show you the cost of each relevant stages of build from start to finish you will receive a fully documented estimates that will show you exactly where each and every last penny is being spent underdevelopment.

searching for a bricklayer todat



                                                 Loft conversions


if you’re thinking about extending into lofts and make an ultimate conversion for a luxury bedroom ensuite or perhaps extra room with more needed bedrooms and have come to the right company as we are more competent at delivering your luxury loft conversion by us. We are fully experienced in all aspects of the Loft conversion industry at all relevant stages the local building Inspector will sign off and check.


                                            Luxury conservatories

we can deliver your time conservatory of your dreams all of our conservatories are very secure and safe and made of the finest PVC you available on today’s market. We can supply you a fantastic conservatory at affordable prices we will supply you with a free computer aided design drawing that will enable you to to see your dream conservatory from the outside as well as the inside.



                                           Renovation works


if you have just recently bought property in and around the Southend-on-Sea area that is in need of modernisation and we are able to assist you for the very first step of this process we are able to supply you a written estimate for all of your building works everything from

1 brand-new riffs and roof renovations

2 rendering and plastering work

3 completely wires and part rewires

4 installation of new central heating

5 double glazing as well as luxury conservatories

6 all types of commentary work undertaken

7 installation of luxury kitchens

8 new kitchens




just one telephone call to us is all that it takes we undertake all different types of projects completely from start to finish so there’s no need to out source any further tradesmen that you may require your development project.


                                           Free Planning advice

we will help you with all your planning need to requirements for the start all the way through to the end we also supply you with a list of architects and structural engineers to help you along with your project we deliver a professional high-class service along with very friendly advice.

We are open from 8 AM until 10 PM all week long including weekends stitchery quest to free estimates please contact us via the e-mail contact form or should you wish you can contact us directly to discuss all of your building needs.


We are here to help you



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