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Archive for June, 2012

southend builder

Posted on June 30th, 2012 by johns-admin-dw  |  Comments Off on southend builder

                                                            Southend on sea builder


If you need a builder to supply yourself with a estimate for your home improvements then look no further as we are here to help and assist you all the way .We are based in southend on sea Essex and supply free estimates that completely show you where all your hard is money that you have so carefully saved for an important project, such as a home extension or that luxury dream conservatory to which you’ve always decide and dreams of


we are specialised builders that are more than capable of building you a complete new home built from start to finish right down to the final coat of paint on the walls inside as we have said here we are based in Southend-on-Sea, Essex but we do cover all other towns based in Essex as well. We are firmly est on the Internet and the likelihood is that you found us on Google

the thesaurus behind the success of our company is honest and reliability trustworthy company that you know that were to carry out the job title complete building regulations set down by local government. We have a fantastic easy-to-use and navigate website that shows all sorts of past and present work that we have on goal at this present time the moment in fact we are capable of not only building new builds along with specialised loft conversions home extensions, including double story extensions basement conversions barrage conversions. The list is endless. You can rest assured that the quality of our work speaks for itself

no one can be one of his companies that come along and save on price and then all of a sudden he jumps up and up and up price you see is the price we pay. It’s important to remember that you are dealing with a company of substance in principle. So therefore you can rest assured that the final figure on the interview estimate is the final price that he will pay

why not take time to browse through our website as we are more than confident that you will see some local work carried out not too far from your own home. If you’d like to take this one step further please contact us today as it will be our most pleasure to provide you with your free estimates, which is carried out in-house fire laptop computer technology with this miracle a to hand. We are able to calculate the cost of your project from start to finish the less than one hour and at each relevant stage in the build from out of the ground the footings to the last tile put on the roof. You will be up to see exactly how much each phase the building project is costing right down to the last pound or penny

we are more than helpful as we can supply you with a list of local architects are fully registered to help you design your beautiful home extension. Once we receive your phone call. We will make a convenient appointment for yourself and your spouse to call in to see you about your building needs. Once we have ascertained your plans and fed all the necessary information into a computer. We will supply you with your free estimate. Should you wish. We can give you a three-day Rascal drawing of this is done in office duty amount of time. To facilitate this

all estimates are open for period of 12 weeks and we believe in letting people make their own choice of mind of builder with the aid of the Internet now is become widely available there is such choice of builders that are easily sourced within your local area of Southend-on-Sea

if you’re interested in in our companies services to fit call at any time as we are always available from the start of the week on Monday until the last that day on Sunday or you can contact me directly on 07859012042

Fundamentally, and most importantly because we are a company of substance in principle. We never take a deposit we only ask for stage payments as the Build goes up on the approval of the building inspector you would ask you for interim instalment payments. We would like to thank you for taking the time for reading this entry and introducing a services for all residents that live in the area Southend-on-Sea . We do hope to hear from you if you have an up-and-coming project in the not too new distant future

Business partner needed

Posted on June 4th, 2012 by johns-admin-dw  |  Comments Off on Business partner needed

Due to circumstances beyond my control. I now find myself in need of a business partner desperately to carry out my dream. I’m looking for an investor. There is more than prepared to buy building land with permission to build directly from auction on average. Most pieces of land between 70 and hundred thousand pounds on the fully experienced builder that is carried out many new built in the area of Essex but as I said you earlier circumstances, control now find myself in this position I need a business partner

my plan is to build affordable housing direct from auction on average can build a four-bedroom detached house endless and 12 weeks with the key in the door most land is purchased between  80,000 and 100,000 thousand and with a bill costs are perhaps maybe 60,000, you can see that there is plenty of profit to be gained the fact that I more than prepared to live on site in a caravan to give 150% commitment . I’m looking for a financial backer there is more than prepared on a 50-50 split and before bills per year on average . I can almost guarantee them between 150 and £200,000 profit per year . I’m only looking for a partner for perhaps maybe a period of 24 months and I’m all are prepared to travel and go from lands end to John O’Groats to carry out this application time is now essence as I will work seven days a week to get myself solver number you money again. Please take a look at my website as I think you’ll agree is very professional and detailed the type of work.have carried out in the area of Essex . If you do find my application of interest to you you may contact me any time seven days a week  on (07859) 012142. Please remember that if anyone can John Cann con

regards, John Cann



Business partner required

Posted on June 4th, 2012 by johns-admin-dw  |  Comments Off on Business partner required

Hello, welcome to my world, fully experienced builder the fantastic website. Unfortunately, due to my financial circumstances I am now for the first time ever the control business partner that will be able to aid me in my idea

as I’ve said, I’m fully experience within the construction and building industry and I have carried out in recent years many newbuilds and extensions within the area of Essex and fortunately enough for myself with the early investment of the embryo stage of the Internet I’m now ranked highly for Essex builder’s to which the website is bringing a volume of work

due to my financial situation I’m now looking for a business partner double be prepared to invest in myself to buy pieces of land throughout the area of Essex just one piece a time in the beginning to build a new build direct from plan I’m more than willing to live on site in a caravan as I have no outbound commitment with family as my children are old enough now the further I bring to the table is that the business partner provide to the financial backing I carry out the new builds whilst living on-site the lamb will be purchased directly from auction houses with permission to go and on average I can build a complete new build in less than 12 weeks from start to finish the financial benefits of this are massive to the new business partner as I can almost guarantee anything from hundred £50,000-£200,000 per year profit are more than confident that I can complete on average 4 to 6 new builds per year even working with a small team that I have to hand. At present

I more than confident even in this uncertain economical climate as the country . If we were to purchase the land and building and select the relevant price the other properties. Our client for down the same road we can have a quick fast turnaround I hope that you find my above application of interest to you you may contact me any time if a via the Internet through website or directly on my mobile number to reduce (07859) 012042 . I hope you find my application of interest to you and our wake-your  call at any time day or night thank you for reading my application kind regards, John Cann if anyone can John Cann please take a look at my website

Entrepreneur required

Posted on June 4th, 2012 by johns-admin-dw  |  Comments Off on Entrepreneur required

Hi to all my name is John Cann and all are fully experienced builder that is firmly est within the area of Essex within recent months my circumstances have changed beyond my control and I am deeply searching for a business partner to work on a 50% pro rata basis are fully experience within the building industry and have carried out many extensions and newbuilds which you can clearly see from my massive website is highly ranked Google please take a look by clicking the top icon

I’m searching for business partner that would like to take an adventure to buy land in Essex just one plot of land direct from auction and our meet building construct a property and then split the profits the initial investment will be anything up to £100,000 . And to purchase outright fire auction and approximately 80 to hundred thousand for the build. This would leave a retail value of an average property with a third profit find myself in unfortunate predicament and the costs can be kept even as are more than prepared to live in a caravan on-site so the bill can be underway on a seven-day basis I’m a great believer in you reap what you sow. I can almost guarantee that the financial backer that joins make will earn in excess of up to the possibility of £200,000 per year depending on the particular project and value of costs involved. If you’re interested in helping me tell and becoming a partner , then please do so I’m available 24 hours a day, seven days a week , contact number to which is (07859) 012042 . I do hope that you farm I above application to anyone reading this of interest to you . I’m honest and reliable and trustworthy but due to circumstances beyond my reach and control . I now find myself in this position I do believe that our guardian angel and so will come forward


I hope that you for my application of interest and I wish that you may contact me as soon as possible in general in a building industry the ethos when you buy land is a third land to build third profit I have the knowledge and capability and on-board tradesmen to carry out this by do not have . Unfortunately the finances available to do this directly to hound are looking to work with some of the period 24 months on all of the above matters until I’m financially solvent and secure

as I have said, I’ve been honest and truthful and that is all I ask of anyone if you farm I application of interest to you please don’t hesitate to call me at any time or e-mail me through my website thank you for taking the time for reading my application in looking for an entrepreneur kind regards, John Cann if anyone can John Cann thank you





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