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Archive for the ‘KENT CONSERVATORIES’ Category

Kent conservatories

Posted on May 5th, 2012 by johns-admin-dw  |  Comments Off on Kent conservatories

Exciting news for all customer that are looking for a free estimate for there dream conservatory as here at johns brickwork we are experts at making your dream conservatory come to life

We are expert builders and fitters within the conservatory sector and can promise you your dream conservatory at affordable prices we are able to construct all types and sizes as all of our conservatories are hand made to fit perfectly all the time every time

Why not take a look at the gallery and you will see some samples of our work that we have carried out in all the areas of Kent along with free estimate with out any hard sales pitch rest assured that we will not hasel you in any way to make your final choice of contractor


Kent conservatories

Posted on April 5th, 2012 by johns-admin-dw  |  Comments Off on Kent conservatories

Buy with confidence

All conservatories or handmade for you

Here at Johns brickwork. We believe that we can offer you a high-quality luxurious and desirable conservatory at a price that suits your budget. We have a wealth of experience within the conservatory sector that enables us to deliver high quality of workmanship along with beautiful and delicious conservatory’s that leave a wow factor to all of our installations

we appreciate with the introduction of the Internet. There is an endless choice of conservatory suppliers that are available with the click of a mouse , but it’s important to remember that where we are different from other competitors is our prices . We don’t employ hard pushy sales and that 110 or 20% commission that Spend house endless hours like you have heard it read tabloids and TV programmes we are a small company that delivers high quality of service and value for money

. We know and understand this part of our registry inside and out, and therefore we are able to deliver luxurious conservatory’s that meet and exceed all of your dreams. It is within recent months within the area of Kent that we have been installing self-cleaning glass conservatories. This is a fabulous range of products that are mouthwatering and dropping. We are able to design your dream conservatory using state-of-the-art laptop technology. This enables us to clearly show you your dream conservatory in full visual display

all of our work that we do is fully guaranteed an order products meet and exceed all of the British standard kite mark. So therefore you can rest assured that the product that we deliver and install is fit for the purpose of use and will withstand endless years of winter months, that mother nature can throw at us.

We undertake the complete project from start to finish. This includes all the ground works completely all the way through to the final lick of paint. Should you wish. We are completely upfront about all of our prices. The price you see is the price that he will pay rest assured that we will not ask you for a single penny in the form of a deposit. This usually gives all of our customers complete and total satisfaction and peace of mind

. Our opening hours quite simple. We operate a full seven-day service that is suited entirely to me all of your working life, so if you’d like to call in at eight o’clock on a Saturday morning or 10 o’clock on a Sunday evening. We always cater for a time that suits you best

. Our website as you can see is fast and full of very useful information about conservatory’s please browse this at your leisure. We have a fantastic gallery of past and present installations of conservatory is that have been carried out in many boroughs and areas of Kent. We hope that you find a company of interest to you and we hope to hear from you. Should you feel that we are a company that you would like us to do with

kent conservatories

Posted on March 31st, 2012 by johns-admin-dw  |  Comments Off on kent conservatories

Conservatory designing and installing is what we do best the rest assured that when you received your fixed quotation from our company you in the safe hands and knowledge knowing that the price you see is the price you pay , without any nasty surprise. If you live in the area of Kent in the company to supply you a fantastic Conservatory that is beautiful. In style and design one contact me now as I’m available to live at your leisure and desirability conservatory with the aid of laptop technology. This service is totally free of charge and you clearly show your conservatory of your dreams


Kent Bio Folding Doors

Posted on March 12th, 2012 by johns-admin-dw  |  Comments Off on Kent Bio Folding Doors

From time to time within the double glazing industry a unique product arrives on the doorstep this particular product. We were talking about is the introduction of the fantastic bio folding door . If you are searching for a specialist company to provide you with your realistic cost for these beautiful and delicious doors then why not contact us to arrange a convenient appointment to see what we can do to help you. This offer applies to all residents that live and besides in all areas of Kent

Kent Conservatories

Posted on March 3rd, 2012 by johns-admin-dw  |  Comments Off on Kent Conservatories

There has never been a better time to contact John’s brickwork. If you’re searching for local studies company that can deliver and supply your conservatory that meets your needs 100%. We believe that we can deliver on time and on a realistic budget your conservatory that you’ve always dreamt of

remarkably small company but we are able to deliver high-quality, affordable conservatory that will totally all your neighbours and friends in shock because they give you that wow factor . There are many different types of stars conservatory’s each and everyone beautifully designed in every shape and form because our conservatory’s, all handmade we are able to incorporate every last fine details that you request us to do so

. We are able to install self-cleaning glass . This is absolutely fabulous and quite cost-effective and it is made by a local company in England by the name of Pilkington’s this name  has been making glass further period of 100 years now let us not forget it was the Victorians introduced a conservatory for which they grew the exotic plants that they pull back from foreign countries

. We believe that we can offer youa luxury and affordable conservatory within the time score 4 to 6 weeks with the minimum of fuss disruption to your life although due to the nature , there is always a little bit other people that everyone had to except but as soon as the job is completed and finished and you’re enjoying your beautiful conservatory all these little things forgotten

there are many different types of conservatory colours in fact

1 white PVC

2  woodgrain PVC

3 oak PVC

4, cherry oak PVC

5 magnolia PVC

in fact, the list goes on and on and on just the facts of recent technology we offer is able to colour anything . This is obtained by putting stabiliser fluids in the actual compound from the very earlyembryo stage of when the profile is made along with many other functionalities of conservatory it could be specifically second for an excellent office, room , playroom , sitting room, even greenhouse effects functionality is endlessbut we can assure you the we will review the totally wow factor conservatory in appearance and style

along with this we are able to do a computer aided Drawing so this will clearly show exactly all different elevations and aspects of your conservatory from the outside as well as the inside we will also install all the necessary electrical point you require including aerial sockets and in recent months we have carried out quite a few underfloor heating projects conservatory’s

we do hope and trust that you find a company which is of substance in principle of interest to you and should you be looking for a company to deliver on budget then why not contact us today as it will be a pleasure to assist you in any shape or form that we can

we are open from Monday to Sunday and telephones man from 8 AM until 10 PM most days but you will always be able to e-mail us 24 hours a day, seven days a week , will always reply and pick up your message

Kent conservatories

Posted on March 3rd, 2012 by johns-admin-dw  |  Comments Off on Kent conservatories

Fantastic news for all people that live in your area of Kent, as here at Johns brickwork. We’ll supply and free estimates, along with friendly, honest advice about all of your conservatory needs. We believe that we are able to offer you a better service and ultimately a far better products than some of the major leading companies

the reason we believe we are able to do this is because our overheads are extremely less than large competitors . So therefore you can reap extra benefits of choosing a smaller company to design and build and install your quality dream  conservatory ,without ever believing cutting corners as quality will only show as so therefore we can assure you that our product is top of range but within sensible which of most realistic budgets. We completely undertake everything. To finish we can assure you we conduct ourselves in a manner according showroom respectable times and keeping your Garden   clean and tidy

. We have a fantastic manager conservatories.truly delicious in design and appearance also providing that wow factor as well on our website we have a vast range of pictures and very useful information even to the fact that if you do need planning permission we will be here and help you at every stage and we can of course supply you with a local architect that we use that is very hands-on

. We supply all our customers with a complete computer aided design drawing so you can see exactly what will be installed so there will be no confusion whatsoever . We also install central heating gas and urge all appliances all of these works will be carried out by competent tradesmen and signed off by the local building Inspector silicon have complete peace of mind , knowing the job. Not only has been fully inspected but also carried out on accredited person

. The process of altering your conservatory is very simple and easy to understand we don’t mixing up with  contracts that no one can understand just a simple, easy builders contract in plain, simple to understand English

. To finish the process usually carried out at approximately 4 to 6 weeks . But this is often  dependant   our current workload , but it’s quite safe to say the 4 to 6 weeks is quite the norm

we do hope that you have enjoyed a brief summary of our company and should you wish to receive your free estimate , then please contact us as it will be our pressure to supply you with your free estimates and computer-aided drawing of your dream conservatory


Kent Conservatories

Posted on March 3rd, 2012 by johns-admin-dw  |  Comments Off on Kent Conservatories

Hallo and welcome to our world of Kent conservatories . If you’re still undecided as to which company to supply with a conservatory and why not call us today as Johns brickwork for the you a fantastic conservatory at sensible and realistic prices. We offer the finest quality conservatorys that are built to withstand the elements of our English weather for many many years the quality of our conservatory speak for themselves, as I elegance and style. Delicious. It looks and also fantastic value for money

depending on the positioning of your conservatory it’s important to remember that when we start your conservatory we must get the best of full benefit and functionality as possible likewise if you are facing north , then obviously who would like to consider the fact that there is very limited. Sun that will enter your conservatory and if you was to repeat money for a limited time

. On the other hand if your conservatory , this self-effacing the because of this reason she would end up with the sun all day long so that the early embryo stage of designing your luxury conservatory we would take this matter into consideration and design so that it would be call  in hot long evening summer nights but during the evening make sure that we can keep you to a nice 21° respectively

. All of our conservatory’s hand made as it’s important to remember although every conservatory may have similar names each conservatory will be built are designed specifically for the client we are able to design all types of different conservatories at Johns brickwork due to the fact that we invested in sophisticated software that produces virtual reality conservatories in the comfort of your front living room this small picture /illustration shows you exactly the type of of computer aided design drawing that he would receive from us

Kent conservatories

Posted on February 27th, 2012 by johns-admin-dw  |  Comments Off on Kent conservatories

the English, is underway an Essex builders would like to take this opportunity to introduce our fast range of luxury conservatories that we would wish to offer all residents that live in the area of Kent undoubtedly my some recent estimates into your conservatory and I spent some of them you would need a glass of water and aspirin to get out of the initial shock of the price especially if you have had any major national companies

with a different approach without any hard sell we believe we offer a unique and quite fun way of purchasing your dream conservatory for your home we will explain everything. To finish only no question unanswered as we are professionals within this industry with many years of experience we are more than able to answer any of your technical questions that you may have to hand

all products meet and exceed all the BSI and totally give you that wow factor that you’ve been looking for all the time we can even introduce fabulous by folding doors to the front of your conservatory once opened will be absolutely breathtaking these doors can even be lit electrically controlled but they are quite costly

taking into account everything for your conservatory needs we will personally the out of laptop technologies build your dream conservatory watching file to your very eyes we are able to incorporate every fine detail that that you wish us to import from the very early stages the greatest benefit of this technology is that the prospective client will be able to visually see their perfect conservatory placed on the back of their home .

This totally unique service is free of charge but it is advisable to pre-book as we are more than confident that you will be impressed by this free service you may contact us at any time at your leisure via the Internet or should you wish you may call us to make a direct appointment

all of the services offered totally free for all residents searching for a conservatory estimate so long as you live within the area or any borough of Kent

should you wish any further information on any products that we supply please take a look at our website as it is full of useful information about how conservatory is built from start to finish

need a kent conservatory estimate

call us today


Kent conservatory’ installers

Posted on February 27th, 2012 by johns-admin-dw  |  Comments Off on Kent conservatory’ installers

welcome back to a daily blog we would like to talk today about conservatory installers and about what relevant experience we can conservatory’s have with over 15 years within the double glazing industry we have become specialist installers of conservatories for all residents that live in the area of Kent you can rest assured that the installation of your conservatory will be of the highest quality and no stone will be left unturned

in normal circumstances the average size conservatory can be fitted by to competence conservatory fitters in a couple of days this would include cutting the network into your existing house to make sure that your new conservatory was fully watertight

once we have installed at conservatory’s within carry out water test by spraying the complete conservatory with a garden hose for a period of 30 min although the host will be left on a fine spry rather than a hefty jet the light of water seems to penetrate and find any possible way water can penetrate in

nine times out of 10 we successfully install your conservatory without any leaks but on your location when it becomes apparent on the water test of two things a put right immediately to make sure that you are 100% watertight

Essex builders would like to take this opportunity to offer the county of Kent its services for installing conservatory’s we believe that we offer the finest quality conservatory is available on today’s market and we are more than confident that you will be more than satisfied with the quality of finish and the reliability of our companies delivering your dream and luxurious conservatory

we do hope that the above paragraphs are of interest to you and should you be looking for a company to supply you with a free estimate then please do contact us either by e-mail or of course you can call us directly to which will be more than happy to help you with any of your needs

Kent Conservatories ground works

Posted on February 27th, 2012 by johns-admin-dw  |  Comments Off on Kent Conservatories ground works

Conservatory hunting can be a daunting task but here at Essex conservatories we feel and believe that we offer a totally unique approach to purchasing your conservatory like no other company within the double glazing industry it has become apparent in recent years the prospective clients have heard nightmare stories of double glazing salesman overstayed their welcome as we have all heard in national and local tabloids

we would like to think that Essex conservatory’s would bring a breath of fresh air to the industry as without totally unique approach to explaining our products to all residents to live in the area of Kent.

kent conservatory footing

we built conservatories

we will undertake the complete task. To finish including your groundworks so from the first excavation of your ground footings you can rest assured that the groundwork preparation will be carried out as if it was can be inspected by your local building Inspector please see a brief illustration of what a footings looks like most of our groundworks will be to a minimum depth of 1 m and approximate 500 mm wide backfilled with necessary steelwork on the corners should the ground look unstable or loose


after all the ground works has been completely excavated to the correct dimensions and circumference of the brickwork to be received it will then be backfilled with quality concrete becomes ready mixed from a local concrete supplier within your regional area

once the concrete is set hard and dry we were then set out the actual die mentions of your conservatory and then raise all  brickwork to the damp proof course of your existing dwelling

when the damp course is up to the correct level we willing carry on with the relevant block work to the inside of your conservatory is important to remember that there are many many stages of the build to consider and at this early stage should a customer require any authorisation is important to let us know as soon as possible

Essex builders has been providing luxury sumptuous and delicious conservatories to all local residents that live in and around the area of Kent for quite some considerable time now

if you’re searching for a conservatory supplier that delivers high quality product then why not contact us to day and we will see will be can do to help you make your dreams come to reality by having your dream conservatory installed completely by us we have a unique and fantastic easy-to-use website that is full of useful information that may be of interest to you if you’re starting out to source a realistic and reliable conservatory supplier within the area of Kent



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