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Archive for April, 2018

Basildon builder

Posted on April 24th, 2018 by johns-admin-dw  |  Comments Off on Basildon builder

If you live in the area of Basildon and I’ll seeking a builder to actively carry-out some type of building repair extension or loft conversion it why not call Essex builders as we are fully functional and fully up-to-date for the latest building regulations to build your beautiful home extension or loft conversion

We aren’t sorry but we are not the cheapest builder to employ power standard of work is extremely high and a reputation stands on his own

Feel free to contact us to listen to your needs and if at all possible it would be nice if we could visit you to take a look at your plans and guide you through the process from start to finish

Southend bi folding doors

Posted on April 24th, 2018 by johns-admin-dw  |  Comments Off on Southend bi folding doors

Good morning and welcome to the latest edition of our blog
Today the topic we would like to take to handy’s bi-folding doors
These fabulous concertina doors fold back and can only be described as remarkable as they welcome your garden into your lounge or whatever room you choose it to be so
Essex builders in the last year has started installing these beautiful doors they are perfect for every home are they not almost as cheap as you would wish
These beautiful doors coming around went of different colours and you can even have a mint timber as well
If you are looking for a builder to install your bi-folding doors then please give Essex builders the opportunity to price them you will not be sorry for the quality standard of work or price
Please visit our website as it has many different types of bi-folding door installations carried out by Essex builders

Essex bi folding doors

Posted on April 23rd, 2018 by johns-admin-dw  |  Comments Off on Essex bi folding doors

Essex bi folding doors are aesthetically beautiful doors that slide open while the panels fold up and stack neatly against the wall. They are also known as bi fold doors, folding sliding doors, and sliding room dividers.

What Are Bi Folding Doors?
Essex bi folding doors provide a connection or access to an outdoor area. Bi folding doors usually have from two to seven panels that are connected by hinges and attached to rollers at the top or bottom for easy gliding.
Bi folding doors usually have a TRAFFIC DOOR that opens like a normal door at one end of the bi folding door. And that makes the door useful during the cold weather without needing to push all the panels back.
The selling point of Essex bi folding doors is the spectacular and exquisite view they offer from outside. They form a focal point of attention in a home. They are perfect for use in the residential and commercial buildings. They are a popular home improvement item for home remodeling and upgrade.

Why Buy Essex Bi Folding Doors?
Essex bi folding doors are a building accessing offering both functional and aesthetic values to any space. Below are just a few reasons to buy them.
1. They create extra space. The panels that fold take less space and help to create an illusion of more space, unlike the traditional doors.
2. They allow natural light in Essex bi folding doors let the natural light into the house through the glass panels or by folding up the panels.
3. They are beautiful and enhance the aesthetic of a building.
4. Essex bi folding opens up the room to outside.
5. They are energy-efficient and eco-friendly.
6. They improve the value of the property.
7. They are highly secured doors. They are fitted with anti-drill key cylinders and higher security hinges.

How Essex Bi Folding Doors Are Made
Material for making bi folding doors include:
1. Aluminum frames
2. Panels e.g. mirrored, glass, plywood
3. Metal track
4. Caster
5. Roller
6. Hinges
7. Jamb brackets
8. Track, pivot pin and wheel

Step 1: Measure the entire opening-the length and height. Add one inch for drywall or 1½ inches for lumber.
Step 2: Divide the measurement into equal panels you wish; especially the size of the panels you need.
Step 3: Deduct 1/16 inch from each panel where they hinge together to create a ⅛-inch gap between the panels. Deduct 1¾ inches from the height, for tracking and adding hardware at the top.
Step 4: cut the frame and build a rectangular frame to meet the measurement of each panel. Use glue to join each part and use a brad nailer with 2½ inch brad nails.
Step 5: Cut the plywood into the size of the frames and apply glue to both sides of the frame. Set the plywood into the sides of the frames and square it.
Step 6: Sand to smoothen each panel with 100-grit sandpaper. Ad your preferred color. Allow to dry. And the bi folding doors have been made.
The installation will require adding the hardware to make it whole.

Canvey island builders

Posted on April 21st, 2018 by johns-admin-dw  |  Comments Off on Canvey island builders

Great and fantastic news for residents live on the island of Canvey we welcome this opportunity from Essex bricklayers and Essex builders to offer our services of home extensions and loft conversions

Apart from being experts builders where friendly bunch of people here and we offer nothing but a high standard of work giving you complete reassurance that the job is done to the highest satisfaction

Contact us today to receive your free email quotation or by post

Builder Canvey Island loft conversions/home extensions

Posted on April 21st, 2018 by johns-admin-dw  |  Comments Off on Builder Canvey Island loft conversions/home extensions

Today we have exciting news as Essex builders would like to offer the complete Building and construction services for all residents that live in Canvey Island Essex

It goes without saying that this experience has a wealth of experience from start to finish of any type of building project but we specialise in loft conversions and home extensions these are out specialities
Should you have a need for a builder and you live in the area of Canvey Island and your needed for loft conversion or a home extension call Essex builders as we are here today to receive your call and help you as much as we can
We are fully insured and fully licensed and all about construction workers hold the latest and relevant CSCS cards so that you know that all of our personnel are trained to the highest levels

From a simple loft conversion to a complicated build is not a problem each other projects has their own developments manager to oversee the project from start to finish it and it gives you a breakdown of time scales and schedules

serching for a london builder

Need conversion??
Shoeburyness Essex

Contact Essex builders it will be a pleasure to supply you with a free no obligation fixed quotation that’s the word fixed the price you see is the price you will pay for the end of the job

Shoeburyness builder home extensions loft conversions

Posted on April 21st, 2018 by johns-admin-dw  |  Comments Off on Shoeburyness builder home extensions loft conversions

Today we’d like to offer all residents that reside in the area of Shoeburyness out expertise and advice should you be seeking a builder to carry out in the near future home extension or loft conversion of a particular type of build

Essex builders are fundamentally the forefront leaders without any question of a doubt with a wealth of experience and the technology as well as the accreditation to go with our services
We must be quite honest and transparent BR not the cheapest of builders but we are fully aware of all the latest

serching for a london builder

Need conversion??
Shoeburyness Essex

building regulations and give you up to date appraisals every stage of the build with your weekly on site manager
If you have a need for a loft conversion why not called Essex builder this service goes out all people residing in the area of Shoeburyness that are seeking loft conversions and home extensions

Southend on sea builder loft conversions home extensions

Posted on April 21st, 2018 by johns-admin-dw  |  Comments Off on Southend on sea builder loft conversions home extensions

Good afternoon a welcome to our latest edition of this blog that specialises in home conversions and loft extensions
If you reside in the area of Southend-on-Sea and you are seeking a builder to carry out a home extension or loft conversion and Essex builders could be first on your choice to call because we are expert builders Andy specialised field of work
We have carried out many different types of extensions and conversions relating to the above mentioned subject all of our projects are mainly overseen by your local building inspector
We will explain every particular detail to you at every relevant stage with weekly on-site meetings this keeps you in complete control of the build and know where you’re supposed to be with her schedule of works
So if you’re looking for a loft conversion or home extension and you reside in the area of Southend-on-Sea Essex why not call Essex builders we are fully knowledgeable and conduct ourselves in a professional manner at all times

You would have course receive a full breakdown estimate of your bills without any application whatsoever

Essex loft conversions

Posted on April 20th, 2018 by johns-admin-dw  |  Comments Off on Essex loft conversions

Essex builders
Loft conversion is relatively easy to do as all the basic ground work is

complete. However, everything needs to be done by a professional specialist to get the best outcome results that are hoped for. This can be hard to find at times since as a homeowner, no one will seem worthy to do your home. Home owners take their households very seriously and they consider it to be sacred since it is their home that they are living in. Therefore, whenever they make a decision of building an extension on their home, they tend to look for the best builders in Essex. Every person wants to make sure their house would be even better than what they have expected. This does seem to give much stress on whom the right builder will be but when he has been found, it is the best feeling in the world for household owners.

Southend-on-Sea builder

Are you searching for a builder to carry out your loft conversion

An important aspect for Essex builders is to be a hundred percent hands on in the project. This would even mean if he or she has other similar projects, each one should be treated with the passion it needs. As a result, more customers will tend to believe this is the only ongoing project for the builder, and once this has been obtained, the Essex builder will be truly a professionalize specialist. For customers, this is an objective that they always thrive for to find in an Essex builder, whether it is the rebuilding of a small or big space.
Loft conversion can be implemented for many reasons. First off, it can be done if the loft has a bunch of damages on the internal side of the house that needs to be fixed. These are considered small issues and easy fixes with the right professional. People do not stress much about these simple small objectives, similar to the way they would stress about the larger changes within their home. But once the smaller parts have been completed then bigger parts will start to shape up!
Secondly, will be when the household members are requesting big changes within their household. When wanting to change your loft by creating it into a home, it does require a lot of hardship. The reason for this is because these changes will most certainly change if not your whole home then a big part of it. Loft conversion will take your loft along with its designs, and design it to be in a better, nicer looking home. You can either choose to change the decorations within your home or build a bigger home! Both ways the outcome will always be extravagant since it will seem as if the home you are seeing (the result), is an entirely new home. This is why when finding a builder in Essex for your loft conversion; make sure to take your time on this decision. It is definitely a life changing decision and will affect many outcomes that may occur within your home.

Essex loft conversions

Posted on April 20th, 2018 by johns-admin-dw  |  Comments Off on Essex loft conversions

Undoubtedly there’s many forms and different types of Home Improvements where you can add extra rooms to your property
The most common type of conversion is a loft conversion this is the upper level inside the loft area to your dwelling this is typically the most common type of loft conversion,
Essex loft conversions are more than capable of carrying out this type of conversion to your property but it can be quite costly and his subject nine times out of ten so I planning approval by your local Borough Council

The other type of conversions your property is a home extension to the side this can be a single Storey extension a double Storey extension or in fact a wrap around extensions your property as well also this can be quite costly depending on the type of size and type of design is incorporated into the build
Lastly there is the garage conversion fundamentally this is the cheaper one out the three
Essex loft conversions are fully experienced builders of Karon out all different types of Home Extensions to your property where are open 7 days a week so please contact us to receive your free estimate for all your building projects

Essex builders

Posted on April 20th, 2018 by johns-admin-dw  |  Comments Off on Essex builders

Affordable builder in Essex Canvey

Are you searching for a local building company you can hire with for your loft conversion, home renovation, and remodeling project? Are you looking for an experienced Essex builder for the installation of beautiful UPVC conservatories? You do not have to search any further; you have come to the right place.
We are Essex builders, a local building company serving customers in and beyond Essex, London. We provide construction and renovation services for high-end homes using only topnotch and high-quality materials in compliance with the best practices.

What We Do
1. Loft Conversion
Do you want to transform your attic into a comfortable room? We have the experience required to give you the best Essex loft conversion. With a unique eye for perfection, we design and execute awe-inspiring, Essex loft conversion projects. Besides we provide a seamless home extension projects that transform your attic into a livable luxury. A loft conversion is a complex project, but we make it look so easy seamless. It is our specialty; so, contact us for your loft conversion. We guarantee its exquisite transformation, and you will love it.
2. Home Extensions

serching for a london builder

Need conversion??

Do you want to extend your home? We carry out all kinds of home extension projects to increase and enhance your living space, storage, and much more. We are professional with decades of experience. As Essex builders, we are reliable, trusted and we deliver on all our promises.
3. Installation of Beautiful UPVC Conservatories
We install perfect, bespoke UPVC conservatories. We pay attention to details to ensure that all UPVC conservatories are built to precise specifications. We examine each part of your design and construction to build to the highest standards possible.

Why Choose Us?
1. We build and construct according to best standards and specifications
2. We comply with the best practices to ensure performance, aesthetics, and safety of all projects.
3. We are registered and licensed Essex builders.
4. We have the required insurance coverage for our employees in compliance with the building ethic and standard.
5. We ensure fast turnaround.
6. We have the high-quality craftsmanship required by o
7. We have the required experience and knowledge for your job
8. Our charges are affordable, the most competitive in the market.

Contact us for your building construction projects such as Essex conversion, home extension, installation of beautiful UPVC conservatories, and a lot more. We assure you of construction work that is aesthetically gratifying with the best structural integrity possible. Call us today; we look forward to working with you.



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