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Local builders Essex

Posted on March 13th, 2018 by johns-admin-dw  |  Comments Off on Local builders Essex

Do you need a local builder

Are you searching for a local builder to carry out some building works to your home .
Maybe it’s that consevatory that you have always dreamed of or maybe a wonderful home extension to accommodate your growing family.
Essex builders are a trusted company that has a wealth of building experience within the constrution sector.
We would like to offer our free in-house quotation that clearly shows were all your money is being spent at every stage .
Why not call us today and take advantage of this opportunity.

Affordable builder in Essex

Essex conservatories

Posted on February 9th, 2018 by johns-admin-dw  |  Comments Off on Essex conservatories

Good evening welcome to our latest addition within this blog today we would like to discuss your needs for your conservatory
There are many many thoughts to consider when you actually design your conservatory let’s take to hand the purpose of your conservatory is it just going to be an additional room a play room a functional office or somewhere to leisurely lay back and enjoy that glass of red wine and taking the beautiful summer evenings

Here at Essex builders we take into account if we lost minor detail trying to meet and expect and exceed your requirements and needs

We are a fully functional company with a wealth of experience in dealing with conservatories designed the built and Essex we offer a free in house full fixed quotation giving you peace of mind knowing that your price will not go up any more than what’s expected on our contract

Rest assured we will build you a beautiful conservatory to spend your lovely summer evenings looking out into your garden there are many many styles of conservatories hence the reason for our sophisticated computer design technology
First of all we would ask you several questions as to do a deed of your conservatory and then multitask and make it work and you will be able to visually see your conservatory attached to your house in a 3D format

This service comes completely free of charge from Essex Conservatories and builders why not give us a call

We have many special offers at the moment on offer so take this opportunity by the Hand and give us a call today we operate on a seven day service

Kent conservatory suppliers

Posted on February 25th, 2012 by johns-admin-dw  |  Comments Off on Kent conservatory suppliers

We at Johns  brickwork believe that we can supply all residents that are searching for an honest and realistic quotation for the conservatory needs we believe that we offer sensible and realistic prices for all of your conservatory needs your more than confident that we can design your perfect conservatory for you in the comfort of your own in recent years we have invested heavily in computer technology the benefits of this small potential clients that live in the area of Kent is we are able to use virtual reality so that you can see your beautiful conservatory side of the handbuilt to your lost every specification.

this service is totally free of charge and without any obligation to buy from us every shape or form is without conduct ourselves by companies who have written the local tabloids we believe that ethos of our companies surviving the economic recession of our country is to supply the truth and a product speaks for itself

should you require all eagerly planning permission for your conservatory we will help me to every relevant stage peaceful free to view our easy-to-use navigate website as it’s full of very good and useful information about conservatory in Kent  that we have recently installed.

if you’re searching for company to supply you with an honest and realistic quotation for all of your conservatory needs then please do contact us at I as it will be our utmost pleasure to hear from you we have been installed in luxury conservatory’s support areas of Kent for the past four years now


Chelmsford builder

Posted on January 3rd, 2012 by johns-admin-dw  |  Comments Off on Chelmsford builder

We are excellent builders base in Chelmsford Essex and would like to offer all the residents that live there a free estimate on all our conservatory ranges that are all hand made to the highest specification .The conservatories that we supply and fit will not only give you that added space that you need so badly but it will enhance you home as well .

why not contact today to see how much we can save you


Chelmsford Conservatories,Conservatory

Posted on December 30th, 2011 by johns-admin-dw  |  Comments Off on Chelmsford Conservatories,Conservatory

If you’re still searching for company to provide you with the all-important fixed quotation your conservatory that you have been waiting so long for to arrive but unfortunately up to now you have further companies and social needs and budget that one contact us to day we feel that we offer high quality affordable conservatories and we have been doing this for many years now to all prospective clients that live in and around the area of Chelmsford Essex.

You’re more than welcome to view our gallery section the large icon at the top the header of this page annual crusade quality and workmanship that we are able to carry out we are sure that we will meet and exceed all of your desires for your conservatory needs we are able to bring your dreams come to life the items that technology as well fully equipped with specialised software that enables us to physically see you in 3-D virtual reality format of your conservatory in placement back your house this is a fantastic advantage for all of our prospective clients and always leaves them breathless when they see the final product

all of the service is totally free of charge providing you live within the area of Chelmsford Essex and you’re searching for company to purchase your conservatory within the next three months all that remains now is if you find that we possibly a company that you would like to intend to use its services please call us any time as we are open and available seven days a week up until 11 PM

as part of our added services we are able to cost for all sorts of luxury items like air conditioning your conservatory underfloor heating laminate flooring solar powered energy heating as well all of our work is carried out by accredited and certified subcontractors and full certification is will be handed over to you at the end of every job .

in recent months it has become apparent with the introduction of the new product of self-cleaning glass that is now findable we have found  and increase particular with this fantastic product as the glass itself self cleans itself due to the fact that has I specialised compound of molecules that has been impregnated into the glass itself we would like to point out that this particular type of glass does come with a tint of blue unlike clear glass which is totally transparent although we have many different types of roof options available we are sure that we can meet and exceed all your expectations for your drink conservatory

why not  install your  conservatory  installing the new PVC bye  folding doors this is a fantastic product that always leave people breathless as the doors gently glide along their aluminium rails and the complete aperture is opened up therefore bringing your garden into your conservatory please take a look at some of the pictures in the gallery and I’m sure that you will find several conservatory is that we have fitted recently in Chelmsford with them installed


Installation carried out in Chelmsford



London conservatory Suppliers/installers

Posted on December 28th, 2011 by johns-admin-dw  |  Comments Off on London conservatory Suppliers/installers

Fantastic news for all people that live in all areas boroughs of London we would like to introduce our services to you as a conservatory supplier we fully experienced in all different types of conservatories as real expert builders. We are able to offer you top end of the right conservatories that will enhance your home and living accommodation at affordable and mostly realistic prices.

If you have a recent estimate from a conservatory supplier it can be quite daunting and shopping that with the company for the publicity the price for your dream conservatory sometimes you need a glass of water and aspirin to recover from  We at jons brickwork deliver cost-effective conservatory’s standout for the rest in  the way of quality and affordability we are able to offer you all those luxury items that most major double glazing companies said to charge extortionate and unrealistic prices for should you wish glass roof all the way through to luxury air conditioning for your drink conservatory we believe we have the perfect one-stop solution for you

Laptop technology

like most things in life technology was taken over every household  in our country to day the major benefit for our clients now as we have a sophisticated state-of-the-art technology that is installed within a laptop with a professed very double glazing companies from Anglian Everest but what we do offer a sound honest advice for all of your conservatory needs but best of all is weak are more than confident that we are able office to your dream within a realistic budget

will be able to see train conservatory come to life if onto your own very eyes as we build this with the click of a mouse and a few clicks  and there with start to build your conservatory out of the ground and if onto your very eyes you will see the types of styles available we are able to place doors on the front, side, or even the rear anything is possible we could even put different coloured roofs on and with the added benefit self-cleaning glass to virtual reality software actually places you inside your conservatory .

will offer this service totally free of charge and without  obligation to buy whatsoever all of our conservatory costings delivered to you in less than one hour we believe we have a fantastic website  please take the time to wander through and you will see some of our past and present installations of conservatories that we have carried out within the area of London.

we are able to manufacture any bespoke conservatory of any size and shape were a professional company that produces high-gloss finish it will be a pleasure to hear from you should you feel that any of the above paragraphs are of interest to you if you would like to make a convenient appointment for us to pop along to supply you with your free no obligation quotation why not contact us the time  abacus in a time that suits you.

we thank you kindly for reading this entry within today’s blog

Hammersmith and Fulham builder/s conservatories

Posted on September 10th, 2011 by johns-admin-dw  |  Comments Off on Hammersmith and Fulham builder/s conservatories

Fantastic news is available for all potential clients are searching for a prospective builder to carry out all your home extensions or even a loft conversion we are specialised builders to carry out all types of extension and home improvement work in and around your local area of Hammersmith.

We have also carried out recent projects to the area of Fulham in London we have covered all types of home extension work as well as the installation of luxury home conservatories from our range of please view our website on the above contact link and you will be able to see all different types of work that we have carried out within the area of Hammersmith and Fulham with like to take this opportunity to supply all prospective clients from these regions Alfre estimating service for your construction and building work needs. You may contact us at your leisure as we are open and we operate a seven-day service as we are a service to you all of the time

Southend conservatories

Posted on August 1st, 2011 by johns-admin-dw  |  Comments Off on Southend conservatories

We are committed to supply new a fantastic product at affordable prices it will be hard pushed to find any other company based in Southend-on-Sea area of Essex that will competitively priced luxury of conservatory we believe that we offer fantastic product at unbelievable prices. All of our conservatories meet and exceed the British standards and they all come with a kite mark as well this is your sign of quality assurance that your product is next and exceeds all the necessary stringent requirements carried out by independent companies.

Our company is based in Southend-on-Sea Essex and we believe that we bring a breath of fresh air to conservatory industry and we are able to supply you with a free estimate without any hard sell tactics as seen and heard of by other companies we are a friendly bunch of people here at johns brickwork Ltd please feel free to browse our only section and you will see that we have carried out lots of installations in and around the Southend-on-Sea area for the installation of quality conservatories.

If you would like a free estimate without any obligation by us you may contact us either by telephone call or should you wish you may be able to contact us via e-mail situated to the right hand side on the website we offer fantastic and affordable conservatories and in recent months we have been carrying out the installation of quite a few conservatories within the Southend area.

We have fitting bio folding conservatory doors as well to many of our recent instant conservatories you may be able to view some of our examples on our website of these specialist is the fault back upon themselves which then leads the garden into your conservatory.

All of our free estimates are based period of 12 weeks that we can’t guarantee to being the cheapest outlet we believe that we supply affordable and realistic prices for our Southend conservatories we look forward to hearing from you should need a free estimate from the Southend-on-Sea-based company.

Kent conservatories

Posted on July 13th, 2011 by johns-admin-dw  |  Comments Off on Kent conservatories

Fantastic conservatories at affordable prices is what we supply to their prospective customers that live in around the area of Kent we supply high quality and highly secure conservatories.

We don’t think or believe that there is a conservatory out there that we can’t either manufacture or handmake all of our conservatories that we supply and install Completes with a full 10 year manufactures warranty this particular warranty covers all fixtures and fittings and handles of your drink conservatory.

We are able to supply you free of charge with a computer aided design drawing of your conservatory. Should you feel the need to contact us to discuss matters further please feel free to do so as it would be a pleasure for us to assist you with your conservatory needs

kent conservatory suppliers

Posted on July 13th, 2011 by johns-admin-dw  |  Comments Off on kent conservatory suppliers

If you are still searching for a reliable conservatory company to supply you with a fantastic price for the installation of your Kents conservatory, well here at Johns brickwork Ltd we are specialists at supplying and fitting luxury affordable conservatories to all towns in and around the area of Kent.

We are more than capable of supplying and fitting any type of conservatory that your heart desires and with our fully extended range of desirable conservatories that we now offer to all of the residents of Kent. All of our conservatories are built to the highest standard and specifications required. All other frames are fully reinforced with mild steel or galvanised. The reason for this is so that your conservatory is Sturdy without any type of reinforcing within the inner walls of the profile your conservatory frames will be like a piece of paper held in your hands.

With the aid of our software that is installed on our laptops we are able to supply all our prospective customers with a birds eye view of what their new conservatory would look like exactly on their home how conservatories are beautiful in style with streamlines and endless quality that clearly shows.

Should you need a free estimate, quotation call us today as it would be our pleasure to supply you with an excellent conservatory along with affordable rates.



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