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Hillingdon builder/s conservatories

Posted on September 10th, 2011 by johns-admin-dw  |  Comments Off on Hillingdon builder/s conservatories

All Hillingdon residence can take advantage of our fantastic place that we have an offer if you’re searching for a builder to supply you with a free estimate of any type of building work that you may need doing this they range from anything from simple front garden wall all the way through to a luxury side extension or even a bespoke conservatory that you’d always dreamt of.

We believe that we offer a fast turnaround on all of our estimates and a friendly face and all the calls are answered until 10 PM Monday to Sunday like with everything in life you pay for what you get we don’t believe to be the cheapest builder operate in and around the area of Hillingdon London.we believe we offer you a complete hundred percent service, a company that is reliable and trustworthy within the building and construction industry.

Contact us today as it will be a pleasure to make a convenient appointment according to see you about all of your building needs that you have to hand

South Benfleet Builder/bricklayer

Posted on March 10th, 2011 by johns-admin-dw  |  Comments Off on South Benfleet Builder/bricklayer

Are you in need of a builders estimate but don’t have the time to even meet them .Well here at www.johns-brickwork.comcan help you there as we offer all our prospective clients a online estimate with ease .

This type of service is becoming more and more popular as it free up a lot of time both ways and this service is total free as well don’t for get to take a look at the web site its a breath of fresh air .

We operate a seven day service as well to help and should you want to call us that’s fine were here to help you as well

any time you want from 8am to 10pm thank you for reading the blog

Garden Decking

Posted on November 12th, 2010 by johns-admin-dw  |  Comments Off on Garden Decking

We would like to give you some good guidelines as to how you can improve the outside in your garden with a minimal cost we below we will show you and give you some information on our products that we supply to our customers

1  technical information, product range

2 related products

3 timber products

As you are aware there are many garden products via the Internet and can be very easily sold at your local builders merchants but today we are just going to run through a brief summary of what John brickwork has been using in the last two years i.e. their products.

One of the products we use the decking is called the Cambridge the deck bold is both elegant design and appearance is proven and tested and conformed civil British standard client marks and is annexing products in any garden.

The next one which uses could Canterbury slightly thicker and chunkier and appearance this deck bold has smooth grooves to one side stop

The Winchester is a hardwood finish that we also use John brickwork Ltd Essex builders have an appropriate file to improve your grip in wet and moist conditions the cost of this hardwood is obsolete more extreme than the softwood both fully treated for outside whether along with this it will circle. All building regulations and comes with a 10 year warranty guarantee.

The york can also be cruised to one side and move on the upper voiced areas is a multipurpose board but the thickest down the whole range. Along with this we have a sure grip effectively has stripped of long likes sand paper edges running the full length the bold officer the benefits of this issue to God be wet moister slippery gimmicky extra grip in  moist conditions.

Odyssey to complement the decking we can introduce various types of balustrades that we we also supply and fit row way sleepless these are 2400 mm long 245 mm x 120 mm these are all solid and made out of oak.

No garden will be complete without having some fantastic planters to create them soft curved lush edges we act as brickwork Ltd create anything from contemporary style garden backed shareholding with classic English country garden of coastal if products are fully tantalised to withstand all the elements of British seasons. We can create you a fantastic sand trap along with a safe environment for the children to play not forgetting a classic outdoor dining area for those fantastic barbecue evenings. Our products are better looking along with a smoother finish we also work towards environmental assurances as well this would be saving time and effort along giving you total extra protection and peace of mind all the products are independently quality assessed for Paul formance related products.

When planning to do a decking here are 10 top tips at all cuttings and notches to the timber components you must protect it with suitable end crying treatment

All decking boards should be correctly laid on a dry surface and the gaps must be a constant 6 mm this is to allow for apparent shrinkage.

Upon arrival of your delivery is advisable to loosely lie out the timber boards you be working on and allow them to acclimatise to the outside temperatures

when cutting the tops of the supporting posts it is imperative that you cut at a slight angle to aid water run-off.

when fixing the bulge down try to always buy stainless steel screws and To sing them for a secure fixing.

of course it goes without saying it makes sense to treat pre-drill all your holes this obviously stopped any splitting of the timber.

if you need to attach any wall plates  to the house wall it is advisable to leave a 10 mm Paca behind this this will aid ventilation.

answer your concrete posts are installed or timber posts therefore the top of the concrete around the edges this will aid water run-off

is important factor to consider the length of the screws is usually 2 1/2 times the thickness of your board

you would benefit from a weed suppressant placed on the ground cover and a backfield over with pea shingle.

We hope that the above is of interest to you and helps you along your road for maintaining your garden in appearance a lot of clients have asked us in e-mails to cost the average patio area of 4 m x 4 mdue to ground conditions and access ability for works each job does change is criteria for pricing.we would say if he was to allow £100 per square metre supplied fitted this would give you a good ballpark figure to work from.

The garden

Posted on November 8th, 2010 by johns-admin-dw  |  Comments Off on The garden

hi there  john here a quick summary of what happened today on some of our building sites at present we have four sites on the go throughout Essex but today the purpose of the blog we will talk  about one job which we started two weeks ago for a local client.

We started this job two weeks ago complete garden makeover from top to bottom first of all we cleared the garden with mechanical digger we removed approximately 10 tonnes  of soil on rubble once it  was transported out of the front Road  local haulage company  came to remove the waste the reason for this is because it has to be disposed of at a licence refuge site owned by the council of Southend-on-Sea Essex we returned to the garden for more preparation the  grading is when we  levels out with its ditching bucket about four  foot wide replaced fence panels to both sides of boundaries and of course the rear fence panel was well the gardens coming on well and we are making preparation for the planting areas at a small fishpond that will have a little bridge leading to the garden shed at the end of the garden we will of course keep you updated with more more pictures of the progress of the job.

But due to the weather that we having today and those forecasts if the rest of the week we have had to stop work untill better weather arrives .Thats all folks for now

Basildon Patio

Posted on October 28th, 2010 by johns-admin-dw  |  Comments Off on Basildon Patio

Welcome to John brickwork Ltd we undertake all types of renovations work including garden makeovers as well take a look at this picture and it is clearly evident you can see the  beautiful new undulating fence panels to the side of the property the fence panels  are sleek in design modern in appearance and robust durability thus making a maintenance free all these materials that used on this project were supplied by a local suppliers at source Essex

You can see around the picture that we have made some excellent planters for the client these were made from  breeze block and finished off with a smooth render finish the 600 m² Indian sandstone to which was laid in a random pattern is very appealing and creating equal sidelines. This was supplied and laid by us and I think you’ll agree it looks very sumptuous in appearance the sizes of the patios slaps are 600 mm x 600 mm 300 mm x 300 mm 300 mm x 600 mm it is how you get your random bond affect truly stunning in appearance making the ideal barbecue area for those sizzling summer’s drinking a local cocktail sit back and relax in comfort and enjoy.

All the preparation work was carried out by pass and reduced over 40 t of type I aggregates for the sub bass we used over 8 t of Sharp Sand and 70 bags cement blue Circle. Hard to imagine when you look it almost 100 tonnes  of material and soil was removed and replaced the duration of this project took over four weeks to complete . The client was very satisfied with the overall works there was carried out by John brickwork Ltd of Southend-on-Sea Essex.



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