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Essex loft conversions

Posted on May 7th, 2019 by johns-admin-dw  |  Comments Off on Essex loft conversions

We are a reputable construction company in Essex, and we specialise in the construction of Essex loft conversions. With the present state of the economy, Essex loft conversions, unarguably, remain the best way to create space or extra rooms in your home. However, there are several factors to consider, although you have nothing to worry about when you hire a professional builder with an in-depth understanding and experience.

Can Your Loft Be Converted?
First, almost all lofts can be converted but with different twists and challenges. Your loft space will determine if Essex loft conversions can be constructed in your home. Based on this fact, check if your loft has the space allowed for permitted development. If it does, then Essex loft conversions can be constructed in your home. Meanwhile, if your home is located in the conservation area where your roof space is short due to regulations, it will be complicated to construct Essex loft conversions. For this, we conduct an onsite inspection to determine the suitability of your loft area for Essex loft conversions and determine the type of loft that is best for your home considering other pertinent factors.
In case you are not sure about the space of your loft or the type that can be built, check similar houses if they have Essex loft conversions. If similar homes in your area have their lofts converted, then the probability is high that you can have Essex loft conversions constructed for you.

Meanwhile, the following factors are fundamental to constructing Essex loft conversions:
1. Height of the Loft: To be sure of the possibility of having your dream Essex loft conversions built for you, measure your loft’s height. The minimum required height for constructing Essex loft conversions should be about 2.2 meters. To save yourself the trouble, invite us over to assess the suitability of your home.
2. Type of Roof: The year your house was built is a great determiner of the kind of roof your house has. Your roof is either rafters or trusses. It is crucial to know because of the extra structural support that will be required when Essex loft conversions are built.
3. Floor Below: Another factor that is essential when deciding the suitability of your home for the construction of Essex loft conversions is the floor below the loft. The reason is that a staircase will be needed and the height of the floor will determine the suitable type of staircase.

What Are The Available Types of Lofts?
Four types are Essex loft conversions are available: dormer, hip-to-gable, roof light and Mansard. The appropriate type of loft conversion for your home will be decided by factors such as the type of the house, its age and your budget for the project.
1. Dormer: This type of Essex loft conversions extends from the slope of the roof. They are most common in flat roofs, and they are more affordable to build than hip-to-gable and Mansard.
2. Hip-to-gable: It is an extension of the sloping hip roof outward to create a gable wall, which creates more space in the loft area. It is best suited for semi-detached or detached houses because it requires a free sloping side roof.
3. Roof light: You only have to add skylight windows to the roof and fix the floor and staircase properly. It is the cheapest and the most straightforward Essex loft conversions you can build.
4. Mansard: Although Mansard is the most expensive Essex loft conversions, it creates significant space. It affects the entire roof length, and it will affect the angle of the roof slope. Houses such as semi-detached and detached houses are the best for this type of personalisation.

Do I Need Planning Permissions?
Although most types of Essex loft conversions do not require planning permissions, if your house is built on the designated land or reserved area, it may not be covered by permitted development. We will assist you in case your project requires planning permission.

Contact Us; Let Us Build With You!
We are a construction company with speciality in Essex loft conversions. We understand the need to create usable space or rooms in your home that is why we will stand by you and ensure that your dream of converting your loft come to pass.
Over the years, we have helped many homeowners to build their desired Essex loft conversions within their budget. We are trained, certified, licensed and bonded. Our priority is your satisfaction and more spacious home.
As Essex loft conversions’ specialist, we are dedicated to meeting and exceeding your expectations. We conveniently blew away all competitions by our top-of-the-range quality and exceptional workmanship. You should not search any further for the builder for your Essex loft conversions; we are your best choice – in experience, quality, turnaround, budget and transparency. Contact us today and transform your home.

Essex builder

Posted on May 5th, 2019 by johns-admin-dw  |  Comments Off on Essex builder

Loft Conversion is a way of converting unused space in your home to a more useful or functional room. Examples of unused space that you can find in your home are the attic, the storage room, and the basement. The suitable dimensions of your home can add value to your home by loft conversion, and it is also the most popular form of home improvement method in the United Kingdom.

Due to its many benefits such as the conversion of unused space into an office room, a gym, a reading space, storage space or a bedroom loft conversions are practised by many, and many have tried their own do it yourself DIY loft conversion.
It’s not safe to consider loft conversion if you do not have the experience or the help of professionals. For such cases, you can always rely on professionals such as Essex Builder Works, a loft conversion company based on Essex. With their help Loft Conversion in Essex has never been so easy.

Can my Loft be converted?

Well for starters you might want to consider whether you needed the conversion in the first place if you are sure that you need one, just for the sake of constructing a functional room or to add value to your existing home.
A loft conversion can be a big help if the time comes when you might sell the house then you need to understand that conversions come with a price and are not cheap.

You will need allowance and permission from the local administration or approvals from the building committee and what not. One of the main problems you might face however is the roof space. If the roof space is too small, then the conversion that you wanted might be confusing and hard to carry on and establish. You can ask a surveyor, architect or builder to the point that out for you.

DIY VS Professional help

A popular belief surrounding Essex Loft conversion is that it is easy to do it by yourself and cheaper to add. But if you accurately compare both the costs and the time spent on a loft conversion, you will get the notion that it is not so. Here is how the professional overpowers the DIY idea.

• Comparing the DIY with that of professional help, it is identified from the statistics that out it is not cheaper to execute considering the professionals. The money spent on both DIY or professional advice has a difference of only around 10% with DIY being more affordable.
• Saying DIY is more inexpensive may not be accurate as the time spent on the loft conversion without help may take months to complete, while professionals can complete it at around two weeks.
• When people start their DIY session, they refer to the internet for answers to their doubts. However, as we all know houses have different designs and the picture they see on the website will be different from the conversion they are hoping to do.
• With professionals, they know just the type, design taking into consideration the dimensions. Also knowing that they have made many such similar conversions, they will fare well better than an amateur who had never even used a saw.
It is not that here DIY loft conversions are to be discouraged. Feel free to try if you have the time to do so. Every struggle is real, and the challenge will be a fierce one. But always know that you can count on professionals to do the job best if not better.

Why us for your loft conversion?

1. Timely Completion- Well if you want to complete the loft conversion before a specific date, we can speed up the work to meet your deadline. In case you wanted to take a break from the hassle and stop the conversion for some days no arguments will be there. Client’s satisfaction is the standing motto of us.

2. Approvals and Permissions-For a Loft Conversion you may need some approvals such as Building Regulations Approval, Party Wall Act and permissions from the Permitted Development. We will handle all these with some help from your own.

3. Certified and Trained Technicians- How can we call ourselves if our technicians are not certified and trained well in the art of loft conversion. Rest assured because all of the employees are certified and are enthusiastic about providing their best services.

4. Recommended by architects- The designs and planning are done by professional architects who recommend us every time because we are best able to deliver their visions and plans into reality. As such we are highly recommended by architects.

5. Use of updated technology- To provide the best loft conversions that the Kingdom had ever seen. We are keen on upgrading our technology to the highest degree possible. The techs used by the employees are sharp and smooth and most importantly safe to use.

6. Waste removal- The process of loft conversion leaves behind wastes which are a pain for the owners sometimes. Workers sometimes neglect these wastes. This will never happen with us as we take cleaning up after work very seriously.

7. Clean up Services- After the completion of work, we are keen on making the best appearance and hence will clean the room all up. If need be, we can also clean the house up leaving no prints behind.

Loft Conversion can be a headache for homeowners and can put a hole in your wallet if the right skillful converters are not chosen. As such we provide the best conversion service with affordable prices to fit all kinds of customers.

A loft conversion is rising in popularity with homeowners in the UK. Loft Conversion in Essex and Hertfordshire can professionally be done by Essex Builders works. With an excellent reputation with the locals and with great reviews on their website, a loft conversion will be comfortable with them around. Essex loft conversion is an art to round it all up.

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