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Types of insulation used in loft conversions

Posted on July 21st, 2018 by johns-admin-dw  |  Comments Off on Types of insulation used in loft conversions

Essex loft conversions

If you wish to transform existing space that is unused into something useful, loft conversions are one of the best ways to go about it. The prices of real estate are on a hike now. Due to this, it has become extremely difficult for people to buy a new house. The only option left for those on a budget is to make the most out of the space that is already available to them. This creates areas in your homes that are fully functional and imparts a welcoming look. In order to increase the value of your house, loft conversions are one the most increasingly popular ways to expand the floor space of your home.

But one of the concerns that are raised with loft conversion is the loss of heat from a house. The roof is where most of the heat loss takes place. So, in order to keep the place warm and cozy, it is essential to get proper insulation. The roof room regulations were not as good a few years back as they are now. If your place has undergone a loft conversion a few years back then it is most likely that it has poor to very little insulation. The current regulations indicate the importance of proper insulation as well as it has provisions of properly getting a place insulated.

Insulation Of The Sloping Roof

There are two ways of carrying out the insulation of the sloping roof. One way is re-roofing that is installing the insulative material between the roof and the ceiling. If you are re-roofing, it is a wise move to get the insulation done otherwise it will be a burden to your pocket later. A less expensive option is to carry out the insulation internally. Another layer is added to the ceiling. But on the downside, the height of the room is compromised. If you already have it done, room insulations are amazing. But retrofitting is expensive and in many cases, impractical. It is something that might not be possible for everyone to do in the near future, therefore, loft insulation is a comparatively cheap and a practical option.


your local Southend-on-Sea builder

Loft insulation is highly functional and you will get your full money’s worth for years to come. This way, you can save up and get even better results than you would by investing in other expensive procedures. So, make sure you contact us for the best loft insulation services.

Searching for an Essex Builder

Posted on February 8th, 2018 by johns-admin-dw  |  Comments Off on Searching for an Essex Builder

Essex block paving

Here at John’s brickwork we are more than confident we can carry out all your building needs if you’re searching for a local builder to build you a home extension or that elaborate Finesse loft conversion in why not give us a call today all about quotations are totally free and with our experienced onboard Surveyors and architects you can’t really take a Wrong Turn at any stage of your new development

Will use the latest sophisticated computer software to design and build your luxury home extension in a 3D format so you can actually visually see your extension and the cost at all stages
Should you be looking for a free quotation please don’t hesitate to give us a call or email us at the contact form at the bottom of this page
We have a vast amount of experience in carrying out extensions within the borough of Essex

Wandsworth builder builders

Posted on September 11th, 2011 by johns-admin-dw  |  Comments Off on Wandsworth builder builders

Hopefully by now you would have received your planning application and you’ll be searching online and you found that entry today the builder that you’re looking for to provide you with a great estimate for your building needs. We are firmly established company that carry out all types of building work in around the area of Wandsworth London we specialise in home extensions of conversions and basement conversions we have undertaken the task of building work we are able to provide you with a one-stop shop for all your building needs so if you do give the builder to price the new build on home extension then why not contact us today as it would be a pleasure for us to provide you with our free in-house service.

We don’t confess to being the most cheapest builder as the don’t come back on the quality of our products this is where all our work shines through from the rest of the other building companies

Billericay builder/s conservatories

Posted on September 10th, 2011 by johns-admin-dw  |  Comments Off on Billericay builder/s conservatories

Fabulous news for residents living in and around the area Billericay if you’ve been searching only for a confident builder to carry out a free estimate for you for your perhaps maybe you require a builder to supply you finessed about for your single-storey or double storytime extension then why not contact us today because we believe that we are a fantastic your company that produces top end to find results all the time.

We would do our utmost best to supply you with a competitive price for all of your building needs but please remember sometimes you to pay for you get in today’s society we don’t confess to being the dearest company supplying building services but we are realistic and fair with our approach.

We operate a simple seven-day service for our prospective clients seeking call us even now until 10 PM Monday to Sunday and you will find that we will answer all calls in person and they were never receive an answerphone well on most occasions.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you kindly for reading this entry for all residents live in and around the area of Billericay in Essex that may be searching for a local builder and a conservatory supplier

Kensington and Chelsea builder/s conservatories

Posted on September 10th, 2011 by johns-admin-dw  |  Comments Off on Kensington and Chelsea builder/s conservatories

We would like to offer our complete range of services to all prospective clients that live in around the area of Kensington and Chelsea were firmly established company that have carried out many types of home extension work to view a sample of our work please kindly the gallery section and you will see that we have carried out single-storey extensions all the way through to complete newbuilds we offer fantastic building rate along with very friendly advice we believe that we offer a fantastic service which you would be hard pushed to find.

We always price your work from your approved building plans in time on the first initial meeting we are quite confident of doing this as we have computer that top technology that enables us to price any type of building plan no matter what the project or how simple or complex it may look on paper.

We would like to offer all prospective clients this free service we are a one-stop building company which you will not have to outsource any other work to be completed on any building projects the biggest benefit is this to any prospective client is that you would be dealing with one company for all of your internal and external building needs.

It would be fantastic to hear from you as it would be a pleasure to supply you with your free in-house estimate that any obligation or pressure whatsoever we operate and server seven-day service and we are available to talk to on the phone up to 10 PM all away through to the week including weekends thank you for taking the time for reading today’s entry and we look forward to your call in the not too distant future

Bromley builder/s london conservatories

Posted on September 8th, 2011 by johns-admin-dw  |  Comments Off on Bromley builder/s london conservatories

Please give us a call today if you’re searching for a builder to supply you with a free estimate for your building works with our specialist builders to carry out all types of house and renovation works please view our website and you will see many pictures of past and present works in progress all of our work is fully guaranteed and we believe our estimates are not always the cheapest as we believe we are modest without prices but we are nowhere near one of the dearest companies for any of your building works.

We would like to offer prospective clients in the area of Bromley London our free estimating service to which carried out in your home and based upon your approved building plans by your local Bromley Council within the area of London please call us today

Essex Home Extensions 08002 118448 TODAY

Posted on July 30th, 2011 by johns-admin-dw  |  Comments Off on Essex Home Extensions 08002 118448 TODAY

It’s important when considering to employ subcontractor that they are more than capable and financially stable to carry out any of your building works particularly if you are requiring estimates for an extension to your home within the borough of Essex. For here at Johns brickwork Ltd will bring a breath of fresh air to all our clients as we offer more than capable of carrying out any type of extension working Essex in fact we believe that we have the largest website for any builder within the borough of Essex specialising in building extensions please take a look at our website at your leisure and you will see past and present works and we have carried out that specialise in house extensions.

We use of the latest materials available in today’s market so that you receive the top end range product at affordable prices unfortunately we don’t confess to being the cheapest builder in-home extensions primarily we are the forefront leaders when it comes to pricing any type of home extension because we use state-of-the-art technology as we are more than able to supply you a free quotation within your home just by looking your plans we can enter all your details of your plans into a computer and then our program will work out all the costumes at each relevant stage right down to the last penny we believe that we are the only company supplying estimates for home extensions in Essex that carry out this type of free in-house estimate.

At each stage the choir will be how to say all relevant stages of the build and has to how much each stage will cost this will include digging the footings down to the recommended depth shown by the architect on the plans right down to the last lick of paint on any skirting board in your extension.

Along with this our computer software program evaluates each value of each stage payment that will be true uncertain period of the build so let’s say for example stage one could be excavation of footings and on completion of this the stage payment of the footing could be for example £4000

considering there are nearly 12 stage payments and the customer can say by how sophisticated quotation sheet exactly what they are paying for allergic to see there will be no hidden extras to creep out the floorboards and shock you at any time. It’s important to be assured that when you are dealing with a builder that is To build your extension to your home in Essex that you can clearly see exactly what you’re receiving for your payments and the best part of this is that we can adapt each stage of any part of the build to fit your budget and this would include the installation of your central heating system, Windows, time to finish as well.

All stage payments are received a specific interval dates and as we are a company that never takes a deposit from any job a matter what size we believe that we give you the reassurance by doing this that we are a company of substance in principle when carrying out your home extension should you feel the need for a free estimate based upon your plans please feel free to call us any time on our enquiry form by the Internet or should you wish to do so you may contact me personally on my mobile phone number as I feel is important for all prospective clients to be able to contact a service provider at any time that suits them from 7 AM in the morning until 10 PM this is based on a writing system from Monday to Sunday this would include or bank holidays apart from Christmas Day and Boxing Day but should you wish to do so you may fill in the online enquiry form that is based on our website.

We supply all different types of building products for your home extension and we are able to supply you with luxury home improvements to which would include our latest range of PVC u specialised bespoke conservatories you can always check out the different types of conservatories that we have recently installed within the borough of Essex by going to the hometown and then clicking on extensions for the top of the menu bar.

We appreciate that due to the introduction of the Internet there is a vast array of builders that can be easily accessible from your home computer but please remember that the fact that probably found us is that we are listing number one on Google for Essex builder and this is your sign of a credibility as in the early years of our company we invested quite heavily on search engine optimisation for the company’s website in fact we believe we have the largest blog entry for any builder that carries out home extension works within the borough of Essex. Our website is an easy-to-use one with very easily selectable menus and of course there’s myself talking about the company and introducing our services to you by visual way of contact.

We hope and trust that you found the above information of interest to you and we wish to hear from you so that we may offer you a free service to supply new with your free estimate for your home extension you may personally contacted myself or my personal mobile company phone should you feel the need to ask me any further questions that may help you decide on any relevant factors that you may wish to ask is about your project on building a home extension

Essex home Extentions

Posted on July 30th, 2011 by johns-admin-dw  |  Comments Off on Essex home Extentions

Hello welcome to our blog today we would like to introduce our services for any prospective client that is searching for a builder within the area of Essex to carry out works on extension we are fully qualified and accredited and we supply free estimates along with friendly advice as well all our products are based upon your approved building plans for your extension.

We can undertake all types of extension work from the basic single-storey to complex wraparound double story extension we believe that we offer value for service and we can include all other relevant building needs this would include all your plastering, rendering, electrical dissociating works, roofing works, and received the installation of any roof windows in fact it is extension we can build it no matter what is.

Please contact the time to view our website as we believe we have a very extensive large website that caters for all your needs we are open from 7 AM to 10 PM Monday to Sunday and there is always some unavailable to contact should you wish to speak to anyone about your extension or any relevant building works that you should wish to carry out any near future.

Johns brickwork Ltd is a firmly established based company within the borough of Essex and we carry all types of building work including extensions, loft conversions, newbuilds, garage conversions, basement conversions using the latest relevant software package we are able to supply you with an in-house quotation in less than a period of one hour. To finish with a graphical 3-D image of your completed extension what more can we say our services are of affordable prices and realistic budgets we don’t confess to being the cheapest builder as we don’t want to scrimp and scrape on cheap inferior products we supply top-quality end of range product at realistic prices.

Should you feel the need for a free quotation from your Essex builder today that you may either contact us via the online enquiry form which you will find situated on our website or of course if you’d like more for personal hands-on approach please kindly call me on (07859) 012042 and it will be a pleasure for me to help you with your enquiry we are specialised contractors and a very specialised industry will fully capable of carrying out any type of building work from start to finish all subcontractors are fully accredited this will include all electrical and gas safety installations as well along with fully certify people on board our company you can rest assured that your job will be carried out in accordance with all building regulations.

In general most extensions from start to finish can be as little as anything from six weeks period up to a 12 week period depending on the size and complexity of the building works  take a look at our gallery section within the website you are clearly say that we are more than capable of carrying out any tougher building work that you should wish for in the near future.

In recent months is become apparent due to oversee planning regulations sometimes is not always possible to put window in the side of the building with the introduction of a specialised Sun tube that is installed within the roof in projects like turning to any room via a cluster on average on a full south facing roof this would it project sunlight to the equivalent of 400 W light bulb the benefit of the Sun tube is that this comes free of charge for ever thank you for taking the time for reading this entry about Essex extensions and we hope to hear from you about any of your building needs

Essex Extentions

Posted on July 30th, 2011 by johns-admin-dw  |  Comments Off on Essex Extentions

Here at johns brickwork ltd we do thing a little differently as we offer advice for all our clients and great prices for the home improvement projects.We can build your dream home or conservatory that you have been waiting for so long.

All our work is fully inspected by your building inspector so you can rest assured that the work is correctly carried out to building regs .please take a look at our web site and feel free to contact us should you need a free estimate for your works .





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