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Insulation used in loft conversions

Posted on July 20th, 2018 by johns-admin-dw  |  Comments Off on Insulation used in loft conversions

today we would like to write an article that is very interesting and useful for people that are looking to insulate their loft conversion
aesthetically the insulation used between the Rafters is to stop the cold air bridging into the habitable room that’s keeping you warm in the winter months and cool in the summer months
The buildup of this installation is completely solid because it adds to the sound prevention travelling from the outside to the inside of your dwelling

the acoustic qualities of this product is absolutely amazing and totally beneficial for people using it in their loft conversion. with extremely strict guidelines laid down by government your local building inspector will closely monitor and make sure you are using the correct insulation in the correct of voice and spaces of your loft conversion

there are three or four main manufacturers that actually produced this special solid insulation it is very expensive and comes in ranges of 10 mm thickness all the way up to 200 mm in thickness
this is not a cheap product due to the quality of the building it adds to
we hope the Essex builders have found this article of interest to you and should you require any further information on the above subject please don’t hesitate to call us

Do you need a local builder loft conversion

Basildon builder

Posted on July 15th, 2018 by johns-admin-dw  |  Comments Off on Basildon builder

Best Builder in Basildon:-

Financial rip-offs and staying behind the prescribed schedule is one of the most common problems faced by people with their home builders. Whether it is building an entirely new home from scratch or renovating an existing one, the task is of great responsibility. Even though such negative incidents have broken the trust of people but you need to know that there are some responsible builders out there whose job is to keep the convenience of the clients as their top priority while working on their projects. We offer impeccable and state of the art services as a building company to residents on the area of Basildon Essex. So, if you are looking for a Builder in Basildon, do consider s for your home related projects. Here are some of our best qualities that will help you finalize your decision.

Basildon builder friendly help and advice all the way from start to finish

Reasonable Basildon builder

We are one of the most reasonable Builders in Basildon. So, if you are on a budget we will totally eliminate all the unnecessary expenses for you. With us, you get exactly what you pay for, no less, no more. Most of the builders today are ripping people off in terms of quality. We assure you that if you opt for our services, you won’t have to worry about the quality as we give it the first preference. We are an ethical organization who cares deeply for all our customers alike.

Highest Quality Builder in Basildon

One of the most bothersome issues that many home and office owners face today is the cheap variety of materials used for the construction of their places. While it is not fair for anyone to spend their hard-earned cash on inferior quality construction, there is no shortage of people that are tricked into doing the same. The material we use for the construction is of a superior quality and you can rest assured that you are getting the full worth of your money.

Good Designing Suggestions

Not many people are aware of how to renovate their homes or what kind of a design will be more convenient for them in the long run. We give suggestions regarding what can be the perfect choice for the owner of a place and carry out the project accordingly.
We specialize in loft conversions, that is transforming an empty space into a room that is functional and home extensions, that is, extending the area of your home with the help of some construction. Trust is a major issue that people face while hiring a builder. With our transparent services, you need not fret over any negativity or a potential mishap as there is no scope of any kind of hassles with us.

Essex builder for you

Posted on March 3rd, 2018 by johns-admin-dw  |  Comments Off on Essex builder for you

Choosing a build is quite a demanding task and one that is not relished to be sure .


But Essex Buildes has a different approach to helping our customers as we are able to help you manage your budget right down to the last penny with the latest computer software

See we invested at the early empro stage of our company in the lastesd state of the art equipment as to help and aid all our customers .
At every stage of the build the customer can clearly see exactly how much every item of there build is costing with excellent results.
To take advantage of this call Esses builder today and receive your free estimates

need a builder

free on line estimate

Canvey Island local builder

Posted on February 8th, 2018 by johns-admin-dw  |  Comments Off on Canvey Island local builder

Fantastic news for all residents that live and reside in a county of Canvey Island Essex jons brickwork like to provide a prefix quotation from the beginning to the completion of your project
Rest assured your incomplete experienced hands with a company that’s fully aware and complies with all building regulations so if you were project is a single Storey extension or a fully-equipped loft conversion whatever your budget we are more than confident we could meet your needs why not contact us today as it will be a pleasure to supply you with your free Canvey Island Essex quotation

Free quotations

Builders on Canvey Island

Posted on September 19th, 2013 by johns-admin-dw  |  Comments Off on Builders on Canvey Island

essex-builderSearching for a builder be quite daunting task with the aid of modern technology is it easy to source your needs and the Internet. If you’re searching for a local builder provides free estimates with partial, friendly advice and a welcoming smile then look no further as we Johns brickwork limited by free fast must all of your building and construction needs

we have carried out period building projects on Canvey Island, Essex. Our work range from simple installation of a barbecue to your dream home. Please take the time to browse through our Gallery section as you will find previous work that we have carried out in Canvey Island

we are fully conversant with all building regs and our work is second to none. Our opening hours are from 7 AM until nine o’clock approximately

Southend-on-Sea building companies

Posted on July 22nd, 2012 by johns-admin-dw  |  Comments Off on Southend-on-Sea building companies

if you’re searching for a honest and reliable builder to carry out all types of building works then why not contact us today. We are firmly est within the Southend-on-Sea area and we supply honest and free easy to understand estimates for all of your building needs

we can carry all different types of work from simple garden fence supplying you your dream home for fully documented so you can see that all of your money is spent at each relevant stage the of your building projects

if you’re need of a fielder why not contact us as soon as possible to receive your free estimates, with no nasty surprise

Chelmsford Builder

Posted on January 3rd, 2012 by johns-admin-dw  |  Comments Off on Chelmsford Builder

Builders  in Chelmsford Essex uk

We understand that their is a massive choice of builder in the area of Chelmsford but you will be hard push to find a company like ours for service and quality we also supply free writtem estimates all the time so you can view where all you money is being spent .

we are expert builders with a great and easy to use web site you can click on any of the icons at the top of the page to place you through  to your page .

We have a contact along with an email contact form as well for you we hope to here from you should you find that our services are of interest to you

Call us today to arrange a free consultation today 07859012042

chelmsford builder

Posted on January 3rd, 2012 by johns-admin-dw  |  Comments Off on chelmsford builder

If you need a builder to supply you with a free estimate for you building project then look no further as we are based in Chelmsford essex and are firmly estlablished as well .We dont confess to be unrealistic in our prices as well but we are affordable .

With a top of the end product we can aslo supply and fit conservatories as well please take a look at our vast web site and please do call us if you need a free estimate so long as you live in the area of Chelsford Essex .You can call us now today if you wish

Chelmsford Builder 07859012042

Posted on January 3rd, 2012 by johns-admin-dw  |  Comments Off on Chelmsford Builder 07859012042

Serching for a builder in Chelsford

Fundamentally is quite testing because the choice of buildings that are available within the area of Chelmsford is quite phenomenal and very daunting at the same time what we try to do here at Johns brickwork is a totally different approach that you have encountered from possible local builders within your area we are firmly established within the borough of a Essex and we carry out all types of repairs and renovation works to any type of building no matter what period of years it was built we are supreme expert builders within a very specialised industry we have carried out many different types of home extensions and loft conversions within the borough of Chelmsford Essex but I would be glad to give you a brief demonstration of our capabilities to give you an insight as to exactly what type of service that we are able to provide you as it’s important to choose the correct builder for the correct job

First contact

ultimately and probably more realistically the reason that you would have called us it because you are searching for a builder to supply you with a realistic valuation to cost all of your building needs as we have said to you in the above paragraph that we are a specialised builders produce high-end defined finish totally to your specification of works also probably the reason you have called this is the fact that we are highly respected in the realms of Google as real positioned on the first page of Google for building works within all areas of Essex and this also includes the error of Chelmsford .

once we receive your call with they would take down your name and address and your contact details so that we could call you back to make in a convenient appointment that suits yourself this also includes Saturday and Sunday that we operate every day that week all the way through our opening hours from approximately 7 AM in the morning until late evening’s and such times up until 11 PM we even supply free of charge I freephone contact number for you to use at any time to contact us

estimating  all of your building works

during the very early embryo stage of our company we wanted to provide the most cost-effective solution providing professional finished estimates for all our potential clients whatever their building needs so with this on board we invested quite heavily in a special kind of computer software program that enables and benefits all of our prospective clients as we all able to supply very detailed estimates all the way down to the last English penny this computer program will cost everything for the ground works all the way through to the very final lip gloss paint just go to boats it is a fantastic piece of sophisticated software and always impress your clients without fail every time .the list below is quite involved but the program covers if required article to build a extension all the way through to a new build

Who Are We

as we said earlier on in our top paragraph the list builders is endless but just to give you a brief demonstration of who we are what we are about is vital insight to yourself and also it could choose the path of knowledge that you’re dealing with reliable, professional company as we said to you that we are basic Essex summary, the Chelmsford area we have now been established for more than six years writing and we are master perfectly building industryyou can take a look at act out fantastic range and quality of work that we have achieved to help present and past clients we are fully insured and types of people silicon rest assured in the knowledge that you’re in more than capable safe hands

Do need To pay a deposit deposit

This is where   we believe that we bring fresh breath of air to you because as far as we are aware that we are the only building company that never takes any deposits prior before works this is quite unheard of within the building industry genuine rule of thumb is that most builders always take a 25%deposit prior before any work start off with their clients this is very useful to the buider and also helps him with his budget and costs along with the job but where we are different talking total peace of mind to all of our potential clients is that we never take any initial deposits  prior to commencement of a building works what we do something totally different and we undertake stage payments all the way through should the client is in total control of their budget 100% all of the time .

we believe this also gives our client has the added security as well all too often you feel of building companies especially in local media I’ve included TV campaigns for builders for hell that the builder must take the money  I don’t like the way with the never to be seen or heard of the again .the rest assure it total peace of mind and confidence that this would never play a part you in any shape or form  should you   become one of the a client’s .

Building inspectors

as with all buildings that we construct for our clients it is imperative that the building inspector is called upon to check how quality of work meets and exceeds or building regulations set down by local government this cliffs all our clients pure satisfaction knowing that all our work is checked by your local authority building inspector once he was passed each state of your build at the end of the construction complete sign off certification will be duly passed on to you

week do hope that you found outbuilding services of interest to yourself and should you feel you would like to take the next important stage on your building path then please do call us at your convenience as we would be very interested  in costing all of your proposed building works that you have wanted to get done for quite a period of time now



Chelmsford Builder

Posted on January 2nd, 2012 by johns-admin-dw  |  Comments Off on Chelmsford Builder

If you are searching for a reliable builder for you home extension and still have not found one the why not contact us today as we are fully experienced in all aspect of the building industry this also inc

Home Extension

Loft conversion

Garage and Basement conversion

in fact we under take all aspect in home improvements with in the area of Chelmsford Essex.With free estimates and advice for your building projects why not contact us to day to see what we can do for you are prices are very reasonable and we produce excellent results .Please view our great web site as its full of interesting subjects and topic to read .

There has never been a better time to recive your free estimate should you want too you can send your plans via our email address and we will undertake your costing from this and contact you when we have undertaken all its contents.

We operate a free telephone number so even the call is free as well




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