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Archive for October, 2010

Basildon Patio

Posted on October 28th, 2010 by johns-admin-dw  |  Comments Off on Basildon Patio

Welcome to John brickwork Ltd we undertake all types of renovations work including garden makeovers as well take a look at this picture and it is clearly evident you can see the  beautiful new undulating fence panels to the side of the property the fence panels  are sleek in design modern in appearance and robust durability thus making a maintenance free all these materials that used on this project were supplied by a local suppliers at source Essex

You can see around the picture that we have made some excellent planters for the client these were made from  breeze block and finished off with a smooth render finish the 600 m² Indian sandstone to which was laid in a random pattern is very appealing and creating equal sidelines. This was supplied and laid by us and I think you’ll agree it looks very sumptuous in appearance the sizes of the patios slaps are 600 mm x 600 mm 300 mm x 300 mm 300 mm x 600 mm it is how you get your random bond affect truly stunning in appearance making the ideal barbecue area for those sizzling summer’s drinking a local cocktail sit back and relax in comfort and enjoy.

All the preparation work was carried out by pass and reduced over 40 t of type I aggregates for the sub bass we used over 8 t of Sharp Sand and 70 bags cement blue Circle. Hard to imagine when you look it almost 100 tonnes  of material and soil was removed and replaced the duration of this project took over four weeks to complete . The client was very satisfied with the overall works there was carried out by John brickwork Ltd of Southend-on-Sea Essex.

Southend on sea

Posted on October 27th, 2010 by johns-admin-dw  |  Comments Off on Southend on sea

Take a look at this wonderful fantastic new style contemporary door that was supplied and fitted by Johns brickwork Ltd of Southend-on-Sea Essex. I think you’ll agree with me that this new type of composite  site double glazed door looks elegant stylish and a breath of fresh air. This the door office for high security fully functional along with unique styling as you can see from the picture below what we remove it was ugly and totally unsightly what we created looks fantastic  these new doors are as you can see totally fantastic we built the outside walls in breezeblock and then gave it a nice smooth render finish we complimented the roof by fitting the exact same tiles that was on the house and I think you’ll agree it looks good and in keeping with existing bungalow. After the render set hard we return the site to a apply a couple of coats of magnolia emulsion to all the walls.

The complimented the new porch installed by us by supplying a fitting the same down pipes and guttering so that it matched the house if you look at the bottom of the door around the perimeter t we have relayed the crazy paving up to the edges of the brickwork thus making it nice neat smart and tidy appearance.

Unfortunately when we were digging the footings we came across a problem that they could not forsake we accidentally punctured the main water supply leading up into the client house one phone call to Roger the plumber and we quickly remedy the problem even professionals can make mistakes and have accidents.

Should you wish to have a free estimate supplied by Johns brickwork Ltd for a new door or perhaps maybe a window or even basement conversions loft conversion house extension or even a new build you can always contact us on a seven-day service from 7 AM to 10 PM from Monday to Sunday we are always available to take your call and listen to your needs as the customer is primarily very important to us along with their needs.

At Johns brickwork Ltd we provide an excellent service and after sales service should there be any problems in the future rest assured that we are here to take your call  .


Posted on October 26th, 2010 by johns-admin-dw  |  Comments Off on EXTENSION Canvey

This is a medium-sized extension of the building on Canvey Island as you can see picture we have installed a roof light to the ceiling this has a big benefit of letting light flooding the area at minimum cost.

This conversion to the kitchen extension, incorporate many benefit of plumbing and electrical works on this particular project we can across many problems that run for seen i.e. the old electrics in the house at the refurbished as well as the old planning we have to look at everything to be in accordance with building regulations as you may well see the picture in the corner we installed a new high-performance central heating boiler this was an additional cost to the client as we never previously priced this in Contract.

The duration of works is still being carried out at this present time and is near completion Christmas once the classes completed and the flooring at the correct level we wi ll then start the process of decorating this will entail emulsion in and have been down and preparation final finish. The building inspector will come along in due course to check her work periodically at all stages to make sure that we are conforming to all building regulations that are laid down by government and gas safety certificate for the installation of the new boiler and all necessary documentation that he or may request.

On this particular project the client requested that he would like a new patio door installed in the front elevation of the extension to which we carried out his request the client was fully happy with his new doors the doors came from a local supplier that we use regularly forward our windows and doors installation is important to remember and put aside costings on the build a nice quality and durable windows as this will reflect in time the wind is that we use conform to all the new legislation laid down by government this is imperative that we carry this out in accordance regulations so that the client will receive a certificate of habitation once he or she would send them to the local solicitors and this would be then placed or and lodged at the local building society should there be a mortgage or  on the property the client receives the habitation certificate in trust.

Due to the economic climate of the country at this present time in moment it’s half a builder to give decline everything they request on a limited budget but we do try our best to cater for wall there needs sometimes we can’t give everyone everything the government has just passed legislation in recent weeks that the new VAT rate will rise by 3% In the New Year unfortunately due to this rise in VAT burden will be placed on the client are not born to the builder hopefully in time and not in it by distant future the VAT would drop a game helping to ease the burden and financial commitment as clients obviously borrow money from banks and this could help them in many factors when borrowing funds from any financial institution.

There are many financial institutions that could help people are many many ways as explained in the above paragraph we are in a recession even though our government says we are not take for instance there are many people in the country at this present time that have County Court judgements and this would make it very difficult for them to borrow any money to carry out any refurbishment works in a property i.e. extensions conversions garage conversions but there are certain companies on the financial market to help these people but the downfall of this obviously is the interest rate sometimes  very much higher than high street banking rates this is unfortunate but unavoidable due to economical climate the country at this present time the moment.

Here at Johns brickwork Ltd we are specialist builders in a specialised industry we cover all of Essex and surrounding areas and supply free estimate in-house to all prospective clients we are capable of supplying the quotation there and then providing at a full detailed quotation and costings down to the last piece skirting board in the Room and the cost of full redecoration to your home down to the last lick of paint the wall.

So if anyone can john  cann

Southend on Sea Essex

Posted on October 26th, 2010 by johns-admin-dw  |  Comments Off on Southend on Sea Essex

You have recently installed extension is carried out by John brickwork limited installed three rooflights as you can clearly see in the picture we complete this build from start to finish within eight weeks or works were inspected by the local building Inspector from Southend-on-Sea Essex.

The roof is constructed of 7 inch joists are running at 13 inch centres . On top of this we installed the new roof insulation which is almost 200 mm in thickness on top of the insulation within bonded the roof which is made out of felt in three layers and totally poured with bitumen so is given 100% watertight.

If you look at the back of the picture on the house wall you can see the late is dressed into the house with code 4 lead please note how neat it looks in appearance the installation the roof was carried out in a period of one time and totally sealed on the same day on top of belts replaced 10 bags of granules looks very similar to cats Litter if you look closely in the picture. The roof is guaranteed a period of 15 years and signed off by the inspector from Southend-on-Sea Borough Council we are specialised contractor a specialised industry .

the weather

Posted on October 25th, 2010 by johns-admin-dw  |  Comments Off on the weather

While today’s weather was totally remarkable you can never be too unprepared in our industry or even take notice of it what the weather forecasters predict.And what a difference a day makes today felt like a spring day mother coming at the end of the year I must confess that  the men on-site are all looking forward to the Christmas festivities which won’t be too far away from now but for the moment though we must plod on and carry about work that we do everyday.

According to the forecasters on the television they reckon sunshine today which is Monday sunshine on Tuesday rain on Wednesday rain on Thursday sunshine on Friday hopefully will be out to carry out the works and we need to get completed.As the old saying says what doesn’t get done today can always get done tomorrow today be sent a couple of fancy servicing and MOT’s as well hopefully it shouldn’t cost too much time to get Mot it’s important to keep on servicing new vehicles and maintaining also in appearance or John’s brickwork limited vehicles are fully sign written and stand out from the crowd.

Being a local established company based in Essex is very important and highlight our criteria that image is very important we have test taken delivery of a complete new T-shirts and coats for all our men to wear on-site this clearly shows to any prospective buyer or client who is carrying out the works down the road and should they require any estimates because of the highly visible T-shirts they can clearly see the contact numbers on the back and front of them I must say though we had some comments already back about the T-shirts from the men wearing them some like them most disliked them . Also because they’re very highly visible it quite clear to me I can clearly see how many men are working on a particular job at any one time which is important that in a man hours and timesheets at every job as a foreman part of his job is to sign the men in announced and carry out their work hours on the timesheets this is a very important and critical part of their job.

We are looking to undertake three more new apprentices in the year when in bricklaying carpentry  electrician mostly apprenticeships now over a five-year period and carried out in modules generally though most of the young people is that we have are honest and trustworthy with a desire to learn and succeed from within our company for the training we give now will hold them in good stead for the rest of their life not only work but also in their private life as well is carefully young apprentices to experience their life this way.

It is possible in the New Year that we may purchase new vehicles to expand our major fleets these would include new flat bed vehicles these new vehicles will run on diesel as this is the most cost-effective way of running new fleet of vehicles we must try to source cheaper diesel in the New Year as the prices rocketing every little bit helps and passed on down the line may be some stage in time all vehicles will be electric only time will tell in our industry.

Shoeburyness roof essex

Posted on October 25th, 2010 by johns-admin-dw  |  Comments Off on Shoeburyness roof essex

Here you can see the roofers installing the new breathable felt and batons.This job is coming on in leaps and bounds and will be completed by this Christmas.

When the complete roof is finished it will look great and you will never know that the roof has been extended because we will install old tiles to match up with the original ones that were on the roof prior to the installation of the extension or materials we use me or building regulation requirements and of course the stage the build the Inspector on the council can respect now working approved it and signed the peeled off at this stage.

From start to finish at this stage of the build we would estimate around for days to make the roof watertight and improve on this particular project the client has asked us to install to roof windows that was not on the plans passed by the council in the planning department. We at Johns brickwork Ltd Essex builders telephoned the Southend-on-Sea Borough Council to see if it had to planning permission from the Windows building inspector came down and take then took a look at the job and asked  we were to position the new roof windows so that we can contravene any building regulations the windows were carried out in accordance with build new building regulations and met the approval of the local building Inspector .

The roof windows are made out of softwood timber with stainless steel hinges due to the weather conditions on the Essex coast line the double glazed units are four millimetre class 20 mm spacer bar the classes toughened obviously for safety reasons the new window  could be opened fully and because of the hinges it rotates around 360° so that the client can clean the glass from inside the loft conversion we will keep you informed of any updates and pictures of this build in due course on this blog if anyone can John can Essex builders we also build in Southend-on-Sea Westcliff , chalk well Eastwood South Church London shoeburyness and all areas in Essex.

 is Aussie due to the melatonin and the sorting yea

A good week on site

Posted on October 24th, 2010 by johns-admin-dw  |  Comments Off on A good week on site

Good week so far as wee complete the sign off by the building inspector from Southend on Sea on the construction of the roof in Shoeburyness Essex.We have it to the stage of felt and batten ,this coming week we will completely tile it and finish off the new roof windows that the customer asked us at the last minuteto put in .I must say that the the chippy that dose out my works was not very happy ,he is a bit old school but there you go the customer is always right or so they say.We hope and trust that the weather stays good for us .The windows arrive next week so we will be wind tight and weather proof as well .Hopefully then we can go inside for the rest of the works .If any one can John Cann


Posted on October 20th, 2010 by johns-admin-dw  |  Comments Off on SHOEBURYNESS ROOF

We had a great day to day because we start the removal of the roof in Shoeburyness Essex .The weather held good and we made good progress in taking down all the roof tiles.We completely loaded a six yard skip now we are ready for the next day Thursday.Will post more pictures of this very soon .Building inspector is book for this Friday cross fingers will will meet his requirementsfor Building control regulations it looks quite daunting .


Posted on October 20th, 2010 by johns-admin-dw  |  Comments Off on Shoeburyness

To day we are going to start the pitch and cut on the extension that we have in progress in Shoeburyness Essex we will make all the roof out of mainly 100mmx500 saw timber and the plate are the same dimensions as well .We hope to have the skeleton of the roof complete and signed off by the building inspector bu this coming Friday.Once that we have done this next week we will undertake the tiling of the new roof to which will take about 3 working days .We are Essex builders if any one can john Cann


Posted on October 18th, 2010 by johns-admin-dw  |  Comments Off on SOUTHEND ON SEA CONSEVATORYS

A fantastic new conservatory that we supplied and fitted in Southend on sea Essex.As you can see the clear smooth lines of this conservatory all the frames are fully reinforced inthe frames to make then strong and ridged .The price for this conservatory came in at around £14k in the plastering central heating and floor tiling .We supply free estimate in house along with a colour cad drawing from us .



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