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Benefits of Essex Loft Conversions – It’s So Much More Than Aesthetics
Essex loft conversions have now become among the hottest and most popular trends in property renovation and home improvement industry. The main reason behind this is the ever increasing house prices and added stress and expenses of relocation. However, these are not the only benefits of Essex loft conversions.
A loft conversion or extension is among the best investments you can make in your home. One of its foremost benefits is that you can live in the same neighborhood that you have come to love through the years. You can also avoid the need of redirecting your posts or paying for shifting business or removal. There is also no need for you to look for a new school for the kids.
The benefits of Essex loft conversions are never-ending. As more and more homeowners choose to increase the size of their existing house instead of moving to a new one, loft conversions are no doubt the grandest way to optimize your available space.
Check out more exciting benefits of Essex loft conversions:
Bigger Space for Everyone
Attics often make up around 30% of your home’s floor space. Through loft conversions, it will be easier for you to add some space to the existing living space with no need to cause structural changes to the property or move to a new location. This is a convenient and cost effective solution for families that wish to have a guest room, new bedroom, or a study or game area for the children.
Improve the Value of Your Property
While many people convert their lofts to improve their quality of life, this decision also comes with the added benefit of increasing the retail value of the property. Industry specialists state that a carefully executed loft conversion can increase a property’s overall value to as much as 30 to 40 percent.
Easier and Cheaper Thank Moving
Many people dream to move to a bigger house but this can be out of reach because of money and time constraints. Essex loft conversions are a faster and cheaper option that relocating with lesser fuss involved. And the good news is that you will feel like you have a new house once the project is finished.
Earn Extra Income
If selling your renovated property is not one of your plans, a loft conversion can still give you a steady flow of decent income, especially if it has a separate accessible entrance from outside. Many university students, college goers, and even newly married couples opt to live in refurbished lofts. This is because it is a more economic alternative than living in an expensive studio apartment. Renting your loft space is indeed a great way to increase your return on investment.
Indeed, it is very easy to see how Essex loft conversions can bring a lot of wonderful benefits to all homeowners. No matter what your reasons are for wanting to convert your loft, you can be sure that it enhances your enjoyment of living in your house while adding to its overall value.

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