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History of Conservatories

John’s Brickwork has been building quality conservatories for many years.

Conservatory types                  

The conservatory has a long and exotic, and while still retaining its luxury status has now become an affordable addition to your property,

This was certainly not the case when the conservatory or garden wall room was first introduced in the 18th century then it was the preserve of Europe’s elite added to only the grandest homes and often described as an orangerie.

Theses early construction were predominantly for the protection of exotic palms and other tender plants during the winter months .These orangeries may originally have been though of purely for green houses for plants but as interest grew in these new exotic and horticultural specimens the rooms became popular for more general use it was a natural progression from home to garden.

The buildings were usually very grand free standing and tall. With many stone features they overlooked the most impressive grounds .When the summer arrived, large tables and chairs replaced many of the plants to enable dinning and entertaining
Glazing techniques at this time was very primitive and wasn’t until many years later that the tile or lead roof on theses first garden were replaced with glass.

When the glass became a more affordable everyday material the conservatory begun
To evolve into an iron superstructure .This also help the architects of the day create ever more elaborate and eye catching buildings in which glass became the principle
Element .House plants were at home in theses new rooms through out the year.

The palm house at Kew completed in 1848, briskly followed by the crystal palace . briskly followed by the crystal palace.
Exhibition Hall for the 1851 Trade fair ,were two of the finest examples of this early conservatory architecture and marked a turning point in conservatory construction .

Very soon middle and upper class England began to adopt this style and adapt it for a
Domestic environment .Whilst still grand and intricate many conservatories were on a much smaller scale .The incorporation of finials cresting laced window panes coloured glass and decorative brackets epitomised this era.

Around this time the large dining tables and entertaining areas were sacrificed to make way for plants that arrived from the colonies.

Today’s conservatories’ can be as safe and robust as brick built rooms therefore opening up the area to many more purposes such as children’s play rooms dining rooms study breakfast rooms .The  conservatory use today is really only limited by  the home owners imagination .

A living space which easily blends and mixes the indoor and outdoor space fresh and light filled rooms that open out into the garden as if a natural extension of the house itself.

At johns brickwork all wood foil profiles are available from both inside and outside of the building to complement the style of your home combinations of these colours with white also available.

Mahogany, Light oak, cherry, also available in white.

One of the most visually striking aspects of a conservatory is the crestings
The uniquely sculptured cresting not only beautifies your home but also provides
Performance longevity. The interlocking pvcu sections in incorporate an interlocking
That ensures once connected it retains a perfect line .Even the interlock is shaped as a water shroud.

The guttering system has been designed to complement the style of your new room.
The guttering system is designed for the conservatory as opposed to using the housing
Gutters. The has an extruded fixing hook that eliminates the need for unsightly less efficient gutter brackets that have to be located at the centre around the conservatory and can produce  a sagging effect after time .The gutter is fixed along its entire length
And will not sag.

Additionally we took this opportunity to clock off the area between the eaves beam and conservatory wall.

This cohesive colour matched blend can never be achieved with alternative roof on windows product.

The finial fastens directly into the ridge top cap not through it. At no point along the pinnacle of your johns brickwork conservatory is there a hole for water to penetrate through to the inside of your new room.

Versatility can be a truly challenging obstacle. In  fact certain roofing systems draw the line under standard options and pitches.

Johns brickwork have a raft of experience from all areas of the conservatory manufacture ,installation components and structural design they get no greater satisfaction than making it happen for you .

No two conservatories are the same .So John’s brickwork conservatories portfolio comprises three alternative ridge details the most popular 25deg and even a detail to allow ridges up to 35 degrees.

The days of conservatories being hot in the summer’s months and cold in the winter months are all long gone with a conservatory from john’s brickwork ltd .You can choose not only the climate but how you want to achieve control.
Roof vents are available either with the tradition pole method, electric, switch or
Rain sensors that will automate the whole process without you even have to think about it.

We also offer the state of the art remote controlled climate control unit designed specifically for conservatory use in dwarf walls.

Simple ideas are often the most effective .We incorporate a fixing plate designed to ensure that all our box gutters are installed quickly and securely .The fixing plate also
Eliminates the occurrence of weak or inadequate fixings .With most systems there is an inherent difficulty in trying to apply a bolt in tight areas once again we have improved on the sector of the build process .   

Now might be easier for the reader to capture the importance of the environment in which a home is married to the natural beauty of the garden with a conservatory from johns-brickwork.

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