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We undertake all section of the building sector  including the renovation. We can start with a spring sanding down of some timber window frames leading up to the installation of supporting steel works.

Whatever you renovation need we cater for and carry out with our team of specialised on board trades men that have many years experience in this specialist field you can rest assured of a competitive estimate that will cater for you overall budget for the project.


If you want to carry out your own works and supply outside  contractor but want us to over see the complete renovation works for you we can supply our own in house project manager that is fully experienced in all aspect of the building industry along with all the necessary building regulations.

Part of there duties on client projects has entailed dealing with the contractors at meeting levels and writing reports for the client at all stages of the works that have been carried out at every level .

The overall costing of the projects manager all depends on the amount of work involved and time on site and reports that the client would need to see from us .

We can supply many feature for the client to take away the stress involved in the works below are some typical day to day duties .


  • Over see site Health and safety
  • Sign off deliveries to site and file
  • Meeting on site and off with all your contractors
  • Ordering of supplies for the complete project
  • Making sure of contractors on site
  • Working with the building inspectors and NHBC inspectors
  • Saving the client time and mostly money.
  • On site weekly report of work with photos

Theses are just a few of the on-site duties that we supply and deliver for the clients in and around Essex .


Depending the necessary hours if we were to supply you with a manager it would cost around £1500.00 per week plus out of hour duties IE key holding .

Part of the work that we have carried out is for English Heritage on many grade two listed buildings around Essex Working alone side with the highest standard of work to keep and retain the beauty of many old buildings.

Part of the old build is to Carry out repairs to the old brickwork that can date back to 200 years ago most old building are carried out in English bond as the brickwork is laid out as header queen closer header header header queen closer followed by queen closer then header .

On the course above this would be a stretcher bond to reduce the internal joint so making a much stronger bond and construction of the face-work on the outer leaf .

There are many many bonds in brickwork here are a few



  • Half bond
  • English bond
  • Flemish bound
  • Rat trap bond
  • Water  bond


 If you look at the brick joints where the bricks join we call it a perp and where the bricks sits on we call it the bed .If you look a a brick it is oblong in shape .

The front of the brick is call the Header the side the stretcher  top the frog bottom the bed .

Top class Southend Builder, recommend any one in Essex to use this Company for
all renovation work they need.

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